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I Need Help please
Post # 1
So i been feeling so unfortunate lately, with how my life mine and my moms life is going, my mom was a teacher, she recently got laid of 5 months ago, 4 months ago she got a divorce, she hasent had any luck, she has another court case open. I mean its a whole bunch of stuff. I mean im 17 years old, and I go to school and getting a job is pretty difficult for me too. Once in a while, I think that is because of my dad ex wife's, putting something dark on us, to not get anymore fortunate, since we used used to live a pretty good life. She always used to be the one getting in the way of my mom and dad. I been doing spells for a year now, but I would really appreciate someone a little more experience than me, to help me with a spell that can bring good fortune into our life or just help us get rid of any bad thing surrounding us.
Thank You and Blessed Be
blessed be .
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Re: I Need Help please
By: / Novice
Post # 2
clensing your house then a simple luck charm. if you need something more powerful i can get it for you later, my spells are at my house so all i can do is give you spells off the top of my head i'm afraid. but you can always look in the spells section for stronger ones.

simple cleansing take 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 tbsp rosemary and 1 tbsp sea salt and add about 4 cubs warm water. use this brew to wash your floors, and all entrances to your house [doors and windowsills] when washing the floor, start from the middle of the room and move outward towards the exits and walls [make sure all your doors and windows are open when doing things, you might want to tie up pets that could get out] say a chant, or think really hard about the house filling with white light, and with each sweep you see darkness being taken out and light replacing it. if you had a sage smudge i'd then use it, waft the smoke into every room, every corner, of your house. again, saying a chant.

a simple luck charm i tend to use, take an object you wear daily [normally it's some type of jewelry] and say a chant to help you with whatever problem [money, job, luck, protection] finally, when ready, pass it through the smoke of cinnamon incense. [this may sound simple but it's worked for me sometimes almost too well]
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Re: I Need Help please
Post # 3
Do a purifying bath ritual, bless your home, cast some protection spells and do powerful luck spells in this order. I believe you will be able to pass this unpleasant part of your life:)
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