My True Love

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My True Love
Post # 1

Hello to all, I decided to go ahead and post and see what suggestions I will get. Im a 25 yr old wiccan female and Im not upset but Im frustrated with my love life and living here in the south (bible belt) doesnt help. Its hard for me to find someone who will accept me and not be scared of literally. People always ask me why are you single? or Howcome? No kidz decent job they look as if something is wrong with me. I know Im a good catch physically and mentally, the thing is Im tired of getting my hopes up and I dont want to rush the universe but I just want my true love...........

Ive never tried a love spell due to I dont want it to turn around and bite my butt and that negative comment didnt help lol.

Im just looking for suggestions if anyone have any.
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Re: My True Love
Post # 2
why not try to find a guy who doesn't mind wiccans but don't tell him at first that you are one. first see if he doesn't mind them then after a while of getting to know each other and making sure he still doesn't mind wiccans than you tell him to see what he says then go from there and if u have to repeat it a few times until you find the right person for u.
some people will suggest you risk it any ways and do a love spell but of you don't want to than you don't have to just listen to the people who give you advise that doesn't envolve the use of a love spell but i do say that if in another 10 years go by and you haven't fund that special person then you might want to risk doing a love spell to at least point you in the right direction.
that's the best i've got for you sorry if it isn't what you were looking for but i like to try to help if i can
merry meet merry part and merry meet again
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