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Really need help
Post # 1
I can't help it no more. I have deppression to the full blast. I just feel like dying, i dont want to live no more. I really want to know that if magic can help me in a way, can someone please help me?
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Re: Really need help
Post # 2
If you are suffering like this i would suggest you go and see a medical professional for an assessment, to see where to go from there, as soon as you possibly can!!I suffer severely myself and have done for years and have been in that position many a time. Depending on where you are and what time is it maybee call someone(impartial or a friend) and go through things with them (ie the samaritans).

Once my condition is under control to a point( eg with meds) I use meditation to calm my mind during my more manic phases and also to find myself again if I get a bit lost.

I hope that you get any help you need and that you begin to feel better soon.
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Re: Really need help
Post # 3
I absolutely agree that medical help is the first thing. If you've tried that and it's not working you need to go back and say so because the doc can't always know what med/s will work for you right away. It's a process of trial and error. Also finding someone to talk to can do wonders, especially if the other person has dealt with similar issues. Me and my cuz are our own support group. That said, I have seen a depression spell. I guess I haven't searched here for it but I'll look through my stuff and see if I can find it.
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Re: Really need help
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Dear MoonDeity,if for any reason you can't seek for medical help,then I will suggest you to make a small " ritual" and you are lucky that it's a best time now to do it on full moon. Please take a blank paper draw in the corner a star and below write anything you wish for and mainly write in present tense that you are happy then in next sentence below of the first sentence write that you are positive. Then you can write all positive staff you like and fold the paper many times but towards yourself,before to fold please if you can,put some sage herb or lavr. Even you can put energized crystal or stone. Use your imagination ! Folded " envelop keep aside out reach for awhile and on next full moon please read it again,you will be really surprised dear for how many wishes you already accomplished.. Be well
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