Seeking Herbalists Help

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Seeking Herbalists Help
Post # 1

Hello There,

I am seeking the help of qualified and experienced medicinal herbalists to help me with a project I am working on. The project is a website designed to create an educational and communal space for medicinal herbalists both new, intermediate, and experienced. The purpose of the website is to not only provide common and basic knowledge of medicinal herbalism but to expand and develop that information for both study and practice. I also aim for the website to create an environment for herbalists from around the world to come, share their experiences, discuss their methods, practices, information, remedies and so on.

I already have the general framework of the website designed and running, but I need help filling content, advertising and acquiring new members to help with the project, administrators to help run and manage the website and so on.

If your interested in helping or just want to check the website out please either email me directly or visit the website to check it out and contact me from there.

The website is located at:

(Remember to remove any spaces from the link if they appear in the address bar.)

Thank you and Herbal Blessings.

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Re: Seeking Herbalists Help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I'd love to help, I may not know extensive volumes about herbs but I can still help if you'd like. I'd consider it an honour to help and I'm sure I could learn as well as do my best to be beneficial to the site. Please message me soon I'll reply as fast as I can.

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Re: Seeking Herbalists Help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Dear Othala,

I would love to help you on this. I have been doing herbalism for over a few months now, but I have learned a vast ammount and would like to contribute to the site in any way that I can. I have helped members within my community with my practice multiple times, and they have given me only positive feedback. I have made, creams, salves, decoctions, oils, syrups, and fomentations (and probably some more). If there is anything that I could help with, mail me. I will be mailing you as you have instructed.

Sincerely, Hollabaluru

ps: I am having difficulty getting to the site. Are you sure this is the correct address? It won't allow me to connect. Thanks.
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