Forgeting the Spell

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Forgeting the Spell
Post # 1
Many said if you want your spell to work, we must forget it and give the spell time for work, but the problem is I always keep remember it and never forget it.. anyone can give me advice or suggestion so I am not remember the spell and do something else? Or maybe with a little help by forgetting spell maybe??
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Re: Forgeting the Spell
Post # 2
Traditionally, there are four points of the witch's pyramid. They are "to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent ," but I like to think of the last one as "to shut up." Most people struggle with all of these when practicing magic, but the hardest for a lot of people seems to be in the last one.

Once you have performed your spell, you should not mention it or dwell on whether your spell has met it's objective. Let the spell, do its work. Don't waste energy worrying if a spell is going to work. That energy can be better used elsewhere. Don't talk to another about your spell either. This may weaken the strength of the spell if the other person, questions or undermines your ability or whether the spell will work.

These principals may differ from tradition to tradition, but basically what it boils down to, is having the confidence in the power within you. Believing in your magick. Follow the basic principals and your spell work will succeed every time (unless it is a none-sense spell)!

Here are two reasons to choose to follow this: If you think about your spell the energy you spend dwelling on it is energy that isn't going to the spell itself. It's more efficient to just think about something else and let your spell do its work. The other reason is that if you talk about your spell to someone who doesn't believe in magic or who doesn't want your spell to work for some reason, that person can undermine your confidence, which will weaken the spell. So the people who told you about it gave you some good advices.

As i said:
1. Don't worry about it. You can feel your mind with other thoughts,let the energy you have sent to the universe to serve it's purposes.
2. Do not tell this to any person.

It is not that hard if you ask me, just move on to other things of your life.

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Re: Forgeting the Spell
Post # 3
Thank you for the advice..
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