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golf club
Post # 1
FCB einigt sich mit wolfsburg und Mandzukic
On June 27, the Bundesliga Giants Bayern Munich through official website officially announced that agreement had been reached with the Wolfsburg striker manzujiqi transfer, his Croatia international in Munich within the next few days to undergo a medical examination and signed a contract until June 30, 2016.
Yesterday Germany the picture takes the lead of the media disclosed the news, the paper issued under manzujiqi team-mate a message determines the Croatia international will join Bayern Munich. Manzujiqi in this message in a concise and said: "I will move to Bayern Munich. "Sure enough, Bayern Munich officially announced today to join us.
Manzujiqi, 26 years old performed quite well in the European Cup during the session, the Panel out of Croatia 3-4 teams in the game total goal, manzujiqi people will Pack 3 balls, opener against Ireland wolves striker made the plum blossoms BL helped the team a good start; second goal against Italy manzujiqi break into the key ball help Croatia got a point. Even Croatia's failure to fight one's way out into the one-fourth final, but manzujiqi is still 3 goal and Ronaldo , Gomes and zhageyefu side-by-side at this European Cup scorer list first.
Bayern sporting Director neilinge signed manzujiqi very happy, "he has to show his strength, there is no doubt he will greatly enhance our portfolio. "Sign manzujiqi is Bayern in the new season of 6th official foreign aid. Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg reached an agreement that both sides were not disclosed specific transfer details of the deal. But according to the German media Biological Aerated, manzujiqi joined Bayern Munich's transfer fee is generally around EUR 13 million, annual salary is about 3.5 million euros.

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Re: golf club
Post # 2
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Re: golf club
Post # 3
Is half of that in Chinese or something but i don't understand half of that and I don't care enough to try
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