Odd experience...

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Odd experience...

Odd experience...
Post # 1
A few nights ago, I had decided to do my normal meditation to fall asleep. Nothing more, nothing less. I ended leaving my body by mistake. (This always happens to me when I fall asleep.) I wound up in the living room of my house....their I witnessed something that was dark...I don't know how to describe it but it was just dark as can be. I sensed something negative to it's energy so like anyone who has had a bad experience I tried to get away from the was too late....oddly enough the thing kept attacking me and I ended running to the bathroom....I started to get up some energy and wound up with a blue/whitish auro...I really have no clue how.

Any how, I was actually able to kick the thing out of my house. (Literally.)...Which was odd because I had never been attacked out of my body before.

I dismissed it as a weird dream until my aunt called. (She quite accomplished with this kind of stuff.) She had a dream that I had fought and thrown out an evil entity.

Keep in mind, she told me this before I even said a word to her about I have one question in my mind?

What was that thing?

Anyone else had something that crazy happen to them?

Blue/white aura....Help...explain....
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Re: Odd experience...
Post # 2
What did the thing look like? was it like a big black blob,i don't astral project because i don't know how yet,but i saw a big black thing in my back yard once,the only thing i can think of that it might have been is some kind of demon(but i don't know why it attacked you)or shadow people.
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Re: Odd experience...
Post # 3
Demons being evil is just a stereotype made by the church and wacked up by movies. There are always going to be good and bad entities in every distinction. Maybe it was an energy build up? Sometimes negative energy can gather up in one place.
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Re: Odd experience...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It certainly sounds like a form of roaming negative energy, most likely some form of spirit although that doesn't make it a demon. I'm more intrigued by exactly what you mean by attacked. Very few spirits have a need of physical violence, they may attempt to exert their influence on you though. Whatever it was the black shape you saw was a way of your minds eye providing a visual representation of what you were sensing.

As to the energy you summoned to defeat it all you really did was banish it. It sounds like you didn't know what you were doing but I'd surmise you pretty much just started "pushing back" with your own energy. All colors of energy are interpretive to an individual although there are trends and people tend to associate white with a safety and banishment so you were effectively directing your will against it.

Spirits can and do roam naturally around the world and it's not impossible for them to cross paths with people, although they rarely bother themselves with us. There are a ton of methods used in protecting against and banishing spirits so I'd suggest you look into a few of them. One of the most popular is smudging white sage.
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Re: Odd experience...
By: / Novice
Post # 5
As a quick note on my last post, I use the term spirit in its broadest possible meaning. It could have been anything from a glob of negative energy or a thought form through to an actual entity in its own right
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Re: Odd experience...
Post # 6
It's very possible that it was a build up of negative energy. I had been under a lot of stress and having panic attacks. All of that seemed to have went away as soon as I pushed that black thing out of the house. (It was a big black cloud but it had a bit of a human shape within in the cloud.)

When I say attacked, it was pushing me around. (It pushed me back, it didn't want me to be able to grab it.)
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