Very special spell

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Very special spell
Post # 1
A few years back I had a run of bad luck and had to make the worst decision of my life and give custody of my kids to my ex husband and my mother. My mother has seriously turned on me and has been nothing but nasty and down right evil. I wish her no ill will or harm as much as my natural knee jerk reaction is to wish the plague down upon her I know it's just my hurt feelings speaking and not what my heart wants. I really have to have my son come back home to live with my husband and I. We plan to have him come home and then move back to San Diego to be close to his little sister/my daughter. My ex-husband has never been a problem and we are good friends for the sake of our daughter, only my mother has been the problem. I don't want to go into detail but I gave her custody on her urging it was the right thing to do, the court did not take my son from me and place him with her. It was not a major thing, no drugs or violence but I have gotten through it all and have moved on, now I just want my son back once and for all. What would be a good strong spell to use to get things working in the right way to get my son back home without harm? What all would I need? I'm new to this so please keep that in mind when offering a spell idea :-) I hope to become lifelong friends with many here and greatly look forward to all your replies and Ideas.
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Re: Very special spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

First off there is no one that can really cast spells for you that isn't a scam and there never will be

The kind of magick you're asking for isn't something you could do with a day or two worth of knowledge and even anything is a very long learning process so I can assure that you're more than likely going to find a mundane way first

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