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Post # 1
Hi all,

I am still fairly new here and am starting slowly to learn the craft.

I am in a horrible situation and wanted peoples advice. My partner of 14 years left me last November after having a one night stand with a female colleague while away on business. He is now with her and I want him home. Although it has been 7 months the pain is just as raw as day one and he was suffering from depression when he left. This woman is just sparkly and new, actually she is a total narcissist!! So I dont know how he can possibly be feeling loved.

His friends and colleagues say he isnt himself and is being controlled by this woman. We had a very peaceful and calm relationship, even though we didnt do much "going out" or travelling, we were happy and both agreed we were soul mates, even sharing telepathy on 2 occassions.

Only silly things like one night he went to make tea and I thought to myself "when he walks back I will ask him to plug the drive into the TV so I can watch a move".
As he walked back across the lounge he suddenly stopped in front of the TV, looked at me and said "What am I doing for you?"

There was an exceptionally deep connection and I want him back.

My problem is that I dont believe in my own capabilities to cast powerful magic at this stage, I am doing a moving candle spell at the moment but wondered about Spellcasters?

I DO believe in magick and I DO believe there are powerful witches out there that are highly effective. I have consulted one who has cast a binding spell for me 2 weeks ago and I have had 2 very bizarre signs in the form of his name appearing in very odd places.

Has anyone had any luck with employing a spellcaster?

If so can anyone recommend a good one, my heart is breaking daily and the last thing I need is to be scammed to boot!

Much love

Caroline x x x x
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Re: Spellcasters
Post # 2
Most of us here haven't employed a spellcastor before, we normally do things ourselves. Spell work isn't too difficult in most cases and you'll find through out your life and experience that actual necessity for spells isn't that high/frequent a need.

I suggest you just learn about spells for yourself, hired casters can pose certain problems like conning you out of money, misunderstanding your intentions and casting the wrong spell, adding to the spell what you didn't personally ask for leading to further consequences on your behalf, and more.

Personally I believe it's easier and safer to just do things yourself when it comes to magic affecting your life.
As long as they get their money they're happy even if it's at your expense.
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Re: Spellcasters
Post # 3
the last person's right you need to learn magic on your own than maybe one day you'll come across the right spell to get your love back. try going to book stores near you they have some good stuff sometimes. but to really get to know magic go to the nearest wiccan store you can find and by a book for beginners read and then one day you may come across the right spell. i my self am experiencing something similar to what you are and i'm doing my hardest to find something that will help me out. hope everything goes well for u and u get your man back. good luck.
merry meet merry part and merry meet again
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Re: Spellcasters
Post # 4
Thank yo so much

Blessings to you

Caroline x x x x
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