need help BROKEN HEART...

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> need help BROKEN HEART...

need help BROKEN HEART...
Post # 1

me and my girlfriend broke up almost a year ago and i still have so many emotional conections with her i still love her and dont know how to ease the pain i need any kind of help you guys can give me please just take a moment to help a friend and spells or even mental advise you can give me

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Re: need help BROKEN HEART...
Post # 2
its gonna take awhile trust me i've been hurt by guys i loved and it takes time
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Re: need help BROKEN HEART...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It takes time to get over such things. Be patient. And may I suggest getting some petrified wood, as I found it helps heal the heart emotionally. Good luck...
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Re: need help BROKEN HEART...
Post # 4

Like I say meditation

Letting Go and Moving on...

It is hard of letting go and hopefully this will help you on doing so. This may help your self esteem. And we All can use some help on it here and there. This will help keep on having love and as well as respecting yourself and others. As we all Know Sometimes we need to move on from a relationship... And doing such can be very hard. We as Humans Thrive to have companionship. And Thus seprating can be Extremely Painful. This Meditation I am here to to help you go through the and Letting Go and Moving On.

So why Do you need to Move on?

Perhaps you were in love a long time ago. But now you may feel Anger. Pain or perhaps Disappointed. You might want to hang on and keep going through .. Why? Perhaps you are afraid of being alone.

If you believe your higher self is telling you to let go perhaps you should listen?

What we are about to do. I suggest strongly to meditate in a calm area ... As well as Adding to the fact of being away from the one you plan to leave.

Sit in your own type of meditation Posture. I personaly Like my buttocks being lifted slightly so I have a folled pillow I sit on and have my lower legs folded. As in a lot fo meditation to start off with it is suggested to meditate on your breathe for approxmietly about five mintues.

The reason of starting this way.. You need to be in a state of none or lack of emotion.

Once you are at that state visualize the person you want or attempt to leave. Tell them what made them so attractive when you first started going out or dating. What you Admire about them. Tell them at least three things that you remember that made your life so special or unique that makes you smile or tears of joy.

Then thank them.

Do not mention anything negative in this meditation. But imagine them being happy in teh future. Tell them it is hard to let go. But you must move on... For your own Good. Imagine them agreeing with you and wishing you well.

Once you get done of here. you may feel like crying allow yourself to cry do not hold back. Then Contrate on your breathe for about 5 mintues before ending this meditation.

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Re: need help BROKEN HEART...
Post # 5

As said above you need to give it some time, also please look at blogs and articles which might give you ways to heal your broken heart, not spiritually though. Let me give you some tips, i will try to stay focused about magic as well as i can.

A veryimportant step is to make a conscious vow that you will heal your heart as quickly as possible. You must want to be on the other side of lonely. Sometimes our conscious intention is overshadowed by our unconscious desires. If part of you wants to heal yourself, but other parts want to hold on to the pain, recovery may then be slow. The best way to find out whats deep inside is to close your eyes and ask yourself. The answers that come from the various aspects of self may seem very illogical, or just really silly! Its important to let all of your emotional thoughts and beliefs be expressed. Youll see shortly how nutty some of my inner voices have been! Do this simple thing. Honor the thoughts that are expressed, learn a little more about yourself, and be willing to move into alignment with your new goal of healing.

And do not forget to exercise! When youre depressed and gloomy, nothing gets the energy moving (and your mood with it) as quickly as a good work-out. Exercise nurtures your body by giving it the strength and vitality it needs to be healthy and strong. It nurtures your emotional self by leaving you with the radiant glow of increased energy and self-esteem. A good workout, walk, or session on your exercise bike leaves you with the feeling that you can do anything! Try it it works! Be in Nature as often as you can. Walk in the park or hiking trails. Immerse yourself in the emerald light of the sun, as it illuminates the trees along your path. Listen to the songs of the birds as they call and answer, and stake territories. Life is all around you! Let its beauty fill the empty places inside. Open to the pulses and rhythms of the healing energies of the Earth Mother.

Visualization can be alsoa powerful way of moving stagnant energy and allowing healing to begin. Example for a good way of visualation to help you in your particular situation: Be creative and allow every hour of your day to become an opportunity for healing. As the sun comes up in the Eastern horizon, stand at your window. Let the rays of light gently illuminate your heart center. Feel the liquid golden fire of the sun slowly driving out all of the darkness in your heart. Let this light expand throughout your being until you feel strong, radiant, and whole. Breathe and begin your day.! visualize taking a blanket of dark energy fromyour heart center and hanging it on the line in the bright sunshine, under a brilliant blue sky. I watch it flapping in the breeze and slowly turning a soft pink color. Love-energyis beginningto radiate from it. Use symbols that suggest your personal feelings of love, safety, and happiness. You can turn darkness into light if you choose to!

Also try to express your emotions as much as you can. My tip is to make a diary and write there what you can.Be real! Write about how the pain feels. Dont repress anything!

Those where my tips, i tried to include magic and energy stuff as much as i could, try to find articles about dealing with it psychologically as well. I hope it turns good for you.

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Re: need help BROKEN HEART...
Post # 6

thank you all iv been trying your advise for two weeks now and i already do feel alot better but i know it will take time before im completly healed

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