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!New Spell!
Post # 1
Wrath of the Dragon God spell. This spell summons the dragon god himself in his flamming dragon form, he will fly above and protect you until the energy thats being supplied to him is cut. This is one of the most strongest spells in Dragon Magic and is considered white magic for his flames will burn the wicked and leave the pure of heart unharmed. Most evil that stands in this spells way will suffer the wrath of hells flames.
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Re: !New Spell!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
So I had a look at your profile and the spells you've posted. I'd stop bragging about them if I were you, they're obviously fictitious (especially this one). You can't summon a physical embodiment into being, if you could then why do you think there aren't hundreds of them roaming around with people. At best a summoning spell will call the spirit of an entity into existence, that spirit is highly unlikely to fight for you and even more unlikely to do so in the manner you suggested. For one you shouldn't expect any physical fire to appear and obey your commands, secondly assuming all else is possible (which it's not) where would the cut off be for the pure of heart and who's the judge of this? Terms like that simply don't have a practical application.

This spell positively screams role play and inexperience which in my opinion is all too often a product of the spell castors coven due to the ease of becoming council. Some of the things you mention on your profile though aren't that wrong so it strikes me that you may have started out learning and then been radically drawn down the wrong path. If you do want to try and correct this I'd recommend joining a coven that is more group focused.
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