I'm new here....

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I'm new here....
Post # 1
Soo, I'm not really sure what I should do first. Well let's start with this. My entire family on my mom side as the power to see ghost and to do astro projection, but for some reason I can't do it. They talk about it all the time, but it sucks being the only one who can't do it. Umm also I really want to learn the elemental spells. So what would be a way for me to find out my elemental nature?
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Re: I'm new here....
Post # 2
You can start by finding out your zodiac sign,but you have a sign acording to a solar calender and a lunar calened because before the calenders became sun based they were moon based,also you should look at your personality,if you're easy to make angry then your element could be fire,if you are highly emotional then it could be water,if you are highly intellectual then it could be air and if you have a genrally strong personality it could be earth,but some people can relat the most to more then one element.
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Re: I'm new here....
Post # 3
It is called Astral projection , shamanic traveling or spiritual projection . It is not called Astro Projection .

Have you asked them to teach you how to astral project ? Since you have family members who can do that , that is a big bonus ! Just ask them for their guidance and tutelage . Ask them what books they read , what classes they attend and etc . So if you want to learn , just ask them .

If you want to work with the elements , then study it in depth and then practice it . Buy books and study then put it into practice .

To find out your elemental nature , it is the one that you feel most connected to . People have at least 2 elements they feel most connected to usually . Take note you can't choose it , like some say .
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Re: I'm new here....
Post # 4
I am very confused. I signed up so I could reign in my mind. When I'm upset weird things happen and I don't know how to control it. Like I'll get mad and glass or whatever breaks or water shoots out of the faucet, stuff like that. And I don't know what my elemental power is.
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