I'm just starting...

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I'm just starting...
Post # 1
Alright...I'm going to sound a little strange please bare with me.

I have dabbled with Magick before, more so White Magick than black. During this time I have developed some interesting ability's that I picked up from past family members.

For example: I can see Auras very well, I just have to get in a certain mind set.

I can astro-project but I can't manifest.

Here is the tricky part...In some cases, I can trance myself and bring out certain energy's...this is most apparent when I'm at the gym...I'm not sure why, but I can bring out all of my negative energy to lift a certain amount of weight if I want to. I can also bring out my positive energy when I need to lift certain weights....All of my energy's seem to have very different colors and auras to them...I can control each one but I'm not sure what they are. One's Green, the negative is red, the positive is white and the other is blue. Each one's have their own symbols to them.....

So what it comes down to...

- Not sure what ability I have...but I know I can control it. (If someone knows...please explain...)

- Very new to the concept of practicing Magick...Beginner tips, perhaps a spell that doesn't involve items first?

- I can Astro-project naturally....but I don't know how to control it.
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Re: I'm just starting...
Post # 2
please tell me how you did so. i also want to do so . and what is aurA???
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Re: I'm just starting...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hi there, to me it sounds like you're using some basic energy manipulation. You probably find that whilst you're lifting weights you're particularly focused and that's why it's easier to do it. Energy manipulation is probably the foundation of most magic and most people do it to a basic level subconsciously to this sort of effect. As for the colors I'm afraid I can't help you much, the shades you see are representations of what is actually there so they're fairly individual, if you feel for what the energy is and what those colors mean to you then you should get a fairly reliable answer.

If you're new to magic there's quite a lot of official reading but the good news is that it sounds like you're already pretty skilled at meditation which will speed it up for you. There's a lot of information out there but the majority of magic comes from yourself, there are some good guide lines and a few universal laws you should get to grips with but what works for one person may not work for another.

The good news is that very few spells actually REQUIRE an object. The objects are there to help you focus and often help with spells but you don't necessarily need them. They're recommended for complex spells though just to keep you on track. The bad news is that you may find you're not casting many actual spells for a little while yet as you really should get the basics down first, not that you can't still use magic, you're using it already as i say :)

Welcome to the site.
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Re: I'm just starting...
Post # 4
Thank you for the warm welcome. :)

That makes perfect sense, are they're any particular spells would you recommend for a beginner?

to this first poster in the thread: It's an interesting way to describe it...I tend to use music on my ipod to do it. I'll put it on a soft song, usually a tai chi soundtrack and get myself relaxed. Once I'm ultra relaxed (This is while walking around the track.) I start to think of the different auras and feelings within my own body....I then close my eyes and for some reason or the other I get strange aura that comes out of my forehead. (I've always had that...I can control it.) Once it happens I can see Auras so long as I maintain my focus and then I feel for my hands and imagin different colors...these different colors have symbols and meaning. (It's hard to explain but if you keep practicing the relaxed part and get your hands feeling the different colors, it works rather well.)
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