broken chakras

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broken chakras
Post # 1
My second chakra is broken. So what does this means and why?

So the story is that I can induce seduction into a person's mind, preferably woman and always woman, and feed off of them that way. It is like when I want to play mind tricks on people, same thing. Either if it is to confuse a person or make them speak faster, it seems as though since my second chakra is broken is the reason why I feed primarily by seduction. Well, sex is a strong will. I find it useful and I get a kick out if it, when I enthrall women. I am only 20.

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Re: broken chakras
Post # 2
I have had stories where girls will sit their uncontrollably, and I can notice their countenance. But it is like when I am using projection to feed, a person will get teary-eyed and seem to lose hope. I mean that is normal. It is the chi or prana that I breath in, and I feel at ease. It is like a relaxing feeling. I really get a kick out of playing mind tricks on psychics because it over powers them.

Lets see, but I don't know how chakras can be broken. It is like when I simply think about my third out, project and energy or pull in energy, that is when I feel the pressure on my third eye. The funny thing is that the second chakra is about creativity yet I am still very creative. Maybe it is that the prana I take in makes up for the broken chakras.

Another thing about projection, is that if I focus too well, or too much, I get sick. Then I have to stop and drink some water, or something. When i say projection, I mean projecting energy.
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Re: broken chakras
Post # 3
First of all I do not believe it is possible to break a chakra. They can become unbalanced or clogged ect but not broken. Second of all I do not believe that one can feed off of another persons chakra energy. I believe it is possible to pull in energy from the world around you but not to draw it from another. If it is possible to feed on outside energy then it logically would be possible to feed on the energy given off by others so therefore the seductive energy you say you feed off of would be that given off by a person not that you take. Thirdly I believe it is possible to make yourself more attractive to others which I believe is the point of most love spells ect. But I do not believe that it is possible to force another person to become infatuated with you. Thus any "enthrallment" that you have is clearly by natural means and you should be proud. (All the above are strictly my opinion and not necessarily set in stone.)
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Re: broken chakras
Post # 4
Well, that is good you say something, after all you were the only one to say anything. Maybe I will make a strong believe out of you, or perhaps you already are, and when we are in a path, we are always changing. I know how to play mind tricks on people, and psychics tell me to knock it off, and they tell me to only do what I know I should do, for what I need and not to the people of the same nature as me. In other words, there is balance, it is something that needs to be experienced and what I am talking about is something that involves concepts, but concepts that not very many witches of Wicca, for an example, don't normally think about. It involves things ceremonial magicians read about, and it gets weird. It is something natural, some people pick up on, and if they don't have those things, or never been around those "kind" of people, they may never know or believe to know. Part of a path is partly believing by experience. Knowledgeable is one thing, but being there, done that and bought the t-shirt is something that means one has experienced it.

Has anyone experienced a psi-vampire suck them dry? I know I have. I found out why people are so afraid of me, it is because they know that I am wise, in my own way, and I do figure things out quick, but it is that people don't understand how it is that I am wise, and it is because of my perception on things, which most won't accumulate and choose to fathom. I know some people don't want to think psi-vampires are real or if it is even real, but I stand for them, when I say this. Normal people, that walk around have an aura and it is always releasing energy as the person is also constantly making energy, from the food they eat. I have get energy in a different way, but I am still reliant upon substance, such as food. The salt and the light of the earth, means salt symbolizes substance, and light is the same as to knowledge. The thing about the concept behind knowledge is that thought is instant as light, and of that we can create things in the astral realm, that of which we can't normally see, but it is there and people can sense it. When I feed I visualize that I am breathing in the aura of a person, which is the life energy, the prana, that surrounds every person, and I can feel this energy come through my third eye. This visualization is like channeling to many, which I do. It was just last night I channeled, and I got very sick because I am still getting used to it. I got very sick and passed out. I was channeled a dream to a friend, but it ended up very bad because I was so afraid of channeling the wrong dream to this friend, and it ended up being a nightmare for that person. I ask my friend if she had a dream that night, and she told me the dream, and I told her it was me, and that was what I was trying to do, in that very setting. So, this channeling, in the projection that one can do, can also be used to retrieve things.
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Re: broken chakras
Post # 5
I didn't read the whole thing but I can say to completely drain a person of energy would kill them.
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