i need help with somthing

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Forums -> General Info -> i need help with somthing

i need help with somthing
Post # 1
i dont know if im puting this in the right spot but i have a question does any one know what it means too have an aura that lookes like a gient anenamy that is white with purpel slashes through it
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Re: i need help with somthing
Post # 2
Auras are made of energy. To see aura you're looking at it in an unconventional manner so the colors and shapes translate to your brain differently than would something solid and obvious.
Everyone views energy differently, what something means to you means something else to others. No one can tell you what you're seeing, you have to interpret the imagery yourself.

You can find tutorials online but those are only suggestions to give you a solid example of what you're doing.

This is something you have to figure out on your own by determining what purple, white, slashes, and anemones mean to you.
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Re: i need help with somthing
Post # 3
not me thats how my aunt who normaly cant see auras described my aura after a ritual we were doing to find my spirit guid witch happened to be a white tiger i thought it was funy that my aura had slashes of color like a tigers does she said i was givinng off to much energy and then i was absorbing to much as well
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Re: i need help with somthing
Post # 4
If you want to know what she saw you have to ask her what it meant.

Emitting and absorbing too much energy after a ritual is pretty normal and can fixed easily. You see rituals can be very empowering and will often get your body worked up, not getting too affected by it is something that normally comes with experience and you eventually get used to controlling your own energy and energy intake.
A way to go ahead and help you with this is to make sure to get plenty of sleep before any magic related work especially rituals. Do a cleansing, this will rid you excess or detrimental energy that you might lose control of during or after a ritual. Balance yourself, this will will help to keep you physically calm. Ground, this will give you a renewed feeling. Then try an easy at home technique for practicing energy control such as working with flow.

To assist in not absorbing too much you could try learning to shield from specific outside forces, though that's already suggested for certain kinds of ritual work.
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Re: i need help with somthing
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
If there are purple slashes in your aura, it can mean several things. Purple is mostly a color of spirituality. I'll have to know the other colors, and the structures to be able to know what it means.
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Re: i need help with somthing
Post # 6
just white and purple and she said it looked kind like an anenamy but what she described kinda sounded like long tendrils of energy were reaching out from me
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Re: i need help with somthing
By: / Novice
Post # 7
As Demyan put it, if you want to know what the energy meant the only person who can answer you is your aunt. Because energy isn't physical everyone interprets it differently. Others can give you their interpretations but they can't explain what it meant to your aunt. If she can't tell you or doesn't know then my advice is next time she can see your aura ask her to sense it. Energy usually comes with a feeling and in my experience that sense often provides a far better image of that energy's intent than any visual representation. It's important to note though that auras are fluid things and can change depending on all sorts of circumstances, they rarely stay the same for long although some claim to have regular patterns that appear more than others.
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