My Guardian Demon?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> My Guardian Demon?

My Guardian Demon?
Post # 1
Hi all :D
I'm soo new to this site like it's 6/20/12 and just now i became a member :P
i'm-- i'd really appreaciate it if someone helped me. You see, i study magic since i was 12, never tried a spell that i need items though, except a necklace or something like that, that i can have with me at all times, i have a big family, i don't want them to know. I started at 12 when i got in puperty cause suddenly i had these strange dreams at night, seeing people i have never before and they asked me things, told me things. I came to realise a long time after what was happening and that's when i found the site, i hadn't became a member though, just read forums and spells everything that i could find info from. Anyways i realised who or should i say what these people were when i saw a family member that passed away coming to me asking me why did she died and what happened to her. Since then, i take my dreams very seriously and have also predicted to a friend that he'd get canser when one night and for 2 years!!! after i kept seeing his funural everynight. Long story short, that wasn't why i made this i started studying demonology, being very interested in those beings and met a person who claimed he had a guardian demon. He allowed me to talk with him (cause they have such a strong relationship they have become one)and he asked me for help, after helping him, he said i could ask him everything i wanted to know as an exchange or thank you for my help...and i asked how could i find mine. He told me we can't find them and that they come to us but he said that their signs if i have and again blah blah blah indeed mine had found me. The night i learned that i was like idk....that wasn't FAKE!! about to get possessed. I was shaking, burning and let me tell you i always have a low body temperature that wasn't FAKE!! what the person's demon told me to was first, relax, trying to talk to my Guardian but at the same time allow her to have control. I was scared, i didn't think i should i just met her but i did and she only had the chance to control my hands and say her name. Time went on, we we're close and she's so amazing but i can't help but to be a bit skeptic, is who i am, sometime's i have to see to believe and i thought that this person was fake, my expirience surely wasn't but....
Can anyone tell me, based on this is it true? I don't want it to be a lie, i'm a lonely person and i have been through bad things, she was my power, kept me fighting, kept me company, our bond seems to get weak and i'm afread i'm losing her, is there anything i can do to make it strong?! We don't talk as much, her voice is faint in my head now..but i want her back. I told my brother about this and he said she didn't get her place without a fight. I thank her but i feel worthless that i can not help her, i know her story and i want to help just like she did. By the way it's not her giving me the dreams and visions i'm something else idk what either can someone tell me abt it too? If you need any other info just ask.
Thank you.
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 2
Luna, I think it is possible to have a gaurdian demon. I've not been doing this long this cycle, but have had a few goes at using magic. I've had some BAD things happen to me since I started. Been possessed more than once...sad to say. If you want to keep her you have to find her. Use visualization to do it. Make yourself find her. She has a scent to her...all things do. Use the scent to track her...whether it be smell, vision, or hearing. Also...use your dreams. Dreams are something YOU control. True that some Gods/Goddesses use dreams to communicate, but even they can be fought there.
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 3
Thank you for reading and replying. Thanks for you advise. I'm usually able to hear her only but in dreams or visions i have even at day i can see some memories she has from her life and i have seen her. She can't come out yet cause we're not one. I want us to be one but we have to grow our bond strong and when she's weak we can't. Idk, i can hear her but not like i used to. I will try though what you said and try to find her and ask what is wrong. I really want to help her. And your right about the dreams. It's been years and i have control of them now.
Thank you!
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 4
Hey Luna, I'm pretty new to magic as well. Never actually tried a ritualistic spell, same reason, no supplies. And I'm very interested in Satan and the Demonic order. I was just wondering about what you did get your Demonic Guardian, I mean, I know you said that they have to come to you, but you had to do something to attract it, right?
Reason being, I've heard of Angelic Guardians, but I have little faith that they are interested in me since I rejected the Holy Spirit in blood. So I figure it would be helpful that i am spiritually protected somehow. Also, (yet another thing we have in common) I am rather lonely too, and to develop a relationship closer then friends, or loved ones would mean the world to me.
So. Bottom line, can you please tell me what to do?
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 5
I think it's very posible to have a guardian demon. Really however, I don't think there assigned to us at birth like most beileve guardian angels, spirit guides, and animal guides are. I think sometimes, either they knew us from a past life or perhaps they came across us and decided to stick around. That's just a theory though. I discovered mine when I was about 8 yrs. old. I had always had very high energy levels and always acted like a young adult even though I was just a little girl. If I didn't like someone they ended up moving or something happened to them. Nothing serious like death but more like a broken arm or a horrible day at school. Yet all my friends I liked, nothing and I mean nothing bad ever happened to them! Mine came to me in a dream when I was 8 and for a long time I forgot about him, til here about 2 or 3 yrs ago when I started scrying and accidently gained communication with him. He's never hurt me physically or emotionally, which I always thought was impossible for demons. Growing up in a house hold where demons were supposed to be bad and evil no matter what! However, even though I found a demon that is my protector and would never hurt me no matter how badly I irrated him or argued with him, I have had demons that have meant me harm... There was a women that looked decayed and actualy looked like me only black hair and eyes, kinda of like an anti-me or doppleganger. She entered my dreams giving me horrible nightmares, she scratched me in the shower, shes purposly scared me while I was home alone. She even possessed me once! I felt sick to my stomach, was having a hot flash and had a mind blowing migraine. I went to bed and had an unresistable urge to hurt myself, scrachting my thighs and arms and even almost choked myself! The only way it stopped was for me to imagine a cleansing white light going through my body and forcing out whatever attacked me, only then did it stop and I felt completely fine! So be carful with certain demons.
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 6
It's not uncommon for a satanist to have a guardian demon. They usually come to you after your dedication.

I suppose that if you didn't do a dedication, it could just be your spirit guide under another name.
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 7
I remember in the ancient Prose Edda it was told to he
who asked "then why do some have ill fates and others good?"
that "creatures either good or bad influence the person for
good or bad fortune from birth."

As for practicing magick, the energy of the universe is all
around us, the signs the light inscribes is for those
who sees them, he or she who fulfills their will is performing

Good day.
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Re: My Guardian Demon?
Post # 8
In order to contact your demon, invocation or evocations must be practiced. My intuition tells me that your mind is just taking a break from all the new experiences you had. Try practicing trance states for awhile and meditate in the dark. Next fool moon which is the 28th of this month for one hour during 3 am meditate and get in a deep trance call out her name in out loud and then in your head over and over, have a piece of paper blank clean in front of you with a pen in your hand and see if she will draw her sigil out for you that way contact may come easier while you memorize this image.

If she is a actual demon that controls legions and not a regular spirit she is busy and may take awhile till you raise your bio electricity so your body is more adaptable in taking her type of energy. Chances are she has other people she protects also and you may be able to look up her sigil.
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