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Spirit Activity
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello. I wanted to say something about spirits.
Many people would like to see, or somehow communicate with them. Some are scared of them, and wants them to get away.
Now before you think it's a spitit or entity, keep in mind it isn't necessarily one.

If you're wanting to meet one, the chance is quite big that it is just your own energy. As an example: I was looking at my aura, after trying to AP, so I had a strong connection with energy. I was watching my aura, when two pieces of paper (which were deep in my bookcase) flew out and fell down after. These things can happen.
An other option is it might be the fear. If you're scared, your aura is weak and open, giving lesser entities a sign, asnd an opportunity to get in. So even if your scared: keep your aura closed.

It could be a poltergeist too, but if what you experienced isn't like these, it could be an entity/spirit.

Blessed be
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Re: Spirit Activity
Post # 2
Hey am new in this stuff and i can see auras
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Re: Spirit Activity
By: / Novice
Post # 3
@ christboy, good for you.

i've heard of this theory, my friend believes if energy builds up and someone begins to believe its more than energy, it will become real, yet it will only exist as long as a person keeps feeding it. i agree with that belief, energy can build up, if one is not careful it can result is bad things, so unknowingly casting a spell like a familiar or something, and making the energy manifest into something, i do believe can happen. people today [i guess always have] jump to conclusions. they don't way the options and figure out by looking at the big picture.
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Re: Spirit Activity
Post # 4
While some people try to find spirits and befriend or get rid of them I know one way to give an item a spirit, making a spirit and putting it into an item.I actually forgot it though but I still did it, on a yellow voodoo doll in the shop and I still have him (him because basicly its no longer an it because it has a soul.) i meditate a certain way to give the voodoo doll energy, it weakens me so I have to meditate more to regenerate my own energy after that.I can also just store energy with my altairs candles and give it to my voodoo doll, named Voodo any time im at my house.
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