weird dream

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weird dream
Post # 1
sorry If I'm putting this in the wrong thread.

Anyway I just want to see peoples opinions about a dream I just had, i even checked what my dream ment on the dream section of this website. so here it is ------

it was a long dream, i only remember parts of it. I was in the school bus heading home i think and then this girl wanted me to stay at her house. She let me in her house and her dad greeted me and said if I can clean around the house, so i agreed to. Then I was teleported to my high school and all my friends started to hug me and say that they missed me..but the most shocking part of the dream was my ex hugging me and sitting next to and her hadn't talked since our breakup in real life. after that, i don't remember what happened next.
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Re: weird dream
Post # 2

Let me try interpret your dream with my opinions.

  • Cleaning can have many meanings in dreams. It could suggest that you feel that there is something dirty or impure in your life. It may hint at bad feelings that you are trying to work through. But it can also be quite a positive symbol. It can link to a new sense of vigor and life in your thinking. It may show that you have been clearing out all the negativity and want to start afresh.
  • A hug is a very pleasant dream symbol. It suggests love and tenderness. It is also symbolic of comfort and protection. Look at all of the details in your dream and look for the positive meaning.
  • Dreaming of an ex can be a very difficult dream to have.
    Sometimes these dreams leave us feeling wistful; we may wonder if we should still be with this person, and we may even fantasize that we have a soul-connection, and see the dream as a sign that they are our soul mate, or are somehow telepathically connecting with us. Keep in mind that most often every character in the dream represents an aspect of our own psyche. So when we dream of an ex may actually be the subconscious mind trying to draw our attention to something that we are either needing to bring in to our life, or release from it.

It seems like an ordinary dream of a young man who deals with life, perhaps you should look at the meanings of the dream and try to see if you might need to change something or move on to another part of your life. Try to see if it does tell you important things about your life, perhaps you could try to change it for a bit if you find this as needed.

Best wishes!

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