Is this spell caste real?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Is this spell caste real?

Is this spell caste real?
Post # 1
I have a spell caster I have been working with for a little over a week. She has been doing teh ruinte love spell for me.she came to me in a email early morong saying taht my ex Jamie talked to her.. I this for real or scam?I odnt want to keep spending money..
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Re: Is this spell caste real?
Post # 2
It's probably fake sweety :/ I personally don't believe that anything or anyone can tell you about your future since you are still in the process of writing it yourself. They're most likely just scamming you and possibly many others to :/

If you really wanted to know answers to your questions, then what I do is use my own tarot cards and they never fail me. They're pretty much always spot on.

So if you can use tarot cards then ask yourself these questions you have...only you can honestly tell what's right/wrong and good/bad

Don't waste anymore of your money and time on this person though. Instead, save it for something you really want like a CD or a holiday etc.

Good luck and blessed be * )o( *
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Re: Is this spell caste real?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
When you have people who ask to be paid for casting spells for you it's most likely a scam to just get your money. I suggest not falling prey to this and learn how to cast your own spells. And they probably won't even cast the spell anyways. And if, for some reason, what you wanted to happen through the other person casting for you happens it's probably because of mere irony. Or from pure coincidence - if you prefer that over irony. Also you risk them casting spells that can make things fall negatively - the opposite of how you intended. These are risks you take. So be very wary when others cast for you, especially those who expect to be paid. Again, I suggest not faking prey to these scams.

As stated above, you can use tarot cards to find things out. If you don't have any you could make some, or even use playing cards to represent tarot cards - if you'd like. There are other methods you can try as well; such as scrying or rune divination.
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Re: Is this spell caste real?
Post # 4
Wow! You payed her. Honey, she scammed you. If she didn't know about Jamie then some chances are that she's not. This is the internet, be safe. My best wishes go to you.

If you have contacted her by these forums, contact a mod!
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Re: Is this spell caste real?
By: / Novice
Post # 5

there are A LOT of love spells on spellsofmagic alone, cast it yourself. look for spells with 4 or 5 stars. they may be harder, but your desire is strong so it'll work.

just a little warning though, you might not want to cast a spell over the person you love, it might be meant to be. if you end up together again as a result of this spell, it'll either end again, or you'll have to live with the fact she's probably only with you because of the spell imposing your will upon her.
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