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Dream Interpretation
By: / Novice
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I tend to have a lot of different dreams and usually manage to interpret them myself, last nights was a little different, I don't usually dream about birds, so does anyone have any ideas of it's meaning. Ok, to start I was on this rickety old roller coaster, (I've been on it before in dreams) it starts like a roller coaster I'm at the top of the hill and the cart sets off, then I don't seem to dream for a while, if I do I don't remember, my next location is at a gas/petrol station, it's not an English one, I am in America I'm chatting to a man I don't recognize but I do know if that makes sense, I fill my friends car up who's also from England, her car is an old orange and white fifties style of car, I say something to her and she says she's off to see her baby, he baby died years ago from leukaemia she was very happy, I haven't seen my best friend Karen for over twenty years, it's odd she should be in the dream really, my next location is by a lake, it's one I walk my dog round, it's surrounded by really deep snow, but the snow isn't cold, for all it's the lake where I walk, it actually looks like Wigan Pier, which isn't a pier it's a building, on the lake, which isn't frozen for all it's surrounded by snow there are lots and lots of black swans, I walked around the lake three times and each time was a new day, on the third day I was crying, looking for this really old swan, I found it and this voice was telling me that Dusty, the name of the swan was old and he'd died days ago, all the other swans were like flapping their wings and treading water over the dead swan to give him a funeral, then I was asked to go to work in the nightclub, I went into the nightclub which was empty and started to collect glasses, then this other person asked me to go collect things from around the lake, which was now a canal. I was crying in my dream cos of the swan but woke up feeling very happy. It's an odd one to me this dream, I usually dream about dead people, any ideas?? All are appreciated.

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