Sleep paralysis or what

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Sleep paralysis or what

Sleep paralysis or what
Post # 1
Since I was young I have been having problems when I sleep, every time I sleep I would see shadows in my room and something just pins me down and I couldn?t talk or scream. Many people told me about it and they said it normal nothing to worry about, so I?ve learn to deal with it over the year and past few months. Yesterday I woke up to find out I couldn?t move or speak so I just relax as usual and told myself it will pass, next thing my heart started racing fast for nothing as if I have seen a ghost than I saw green mist coming through my window and it covered my body, it formed a shape of a person and I can feel it, it was so heavy it took its arm and close my mouth, somehow I was able to open my mouth and I bite it, the taste was so disgusting , it disappeared and I w as able to move , I woke up and the taste was all over my mouth, I spit on a paper and my saliva was brownish. Was it sleep paralysis or i was attacked by something.
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Re: Sleep paralysis or what
By: / Novice
Post # 2
hard to say, because both sound plausible. what makes me think it was an attack was the results after you woke, the taste and the colour of your saliva. i've been able to see shapes and spirits, never a green mist, but i've read about things like that.

the sleep paralysis is very commonly confused with haunting. you're still asleep, but you're slowly waking up, when we go into deep sleep, our body's sort of lock in place. [i guess you already know this though] for this reason, our eyes may open but our mind is still in the dream, and our body still asleep, so you may see images from your dreams in reality, making people think they're ghosts.

myself, i think it could be a bit of both, you woke up and was in sleep paralysis and a spirit was entering your room. though if this specter disappeared when you woke up i'd like to say dream. it's the taste thing. then again, you could be making it all up so who can really say.
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Re: Sleep paralysis or what
Post # 3
Sounds like an incubus to me.
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Re: Sleep paralysis or what
Post # 4
Thanks 4 the info guys. At nekoshema i am not making this up.
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Re: Sleep paralysis or what
Post # 5
It most likely was not an incubus or a succubus. The way the actual demons work is you usually have some kind of warning, they're normally more than just a green mist, and when you wake up you're not paralyzed you're drained. Though paralysis could technically come from lack of energy to move, but it's not caused by something holding you down.

Brown spit is probably blood, brush your teeth more.

To say you woke up and with a bad taste in your mouth points to a series of nasty dreams and bacteria growing in your mouth as you sleep. Sleep paralysis has been known to plague children into their adulthood. The bad taste is caused by bacteria, it's quite common for people who are just waking up (hence morning breath) brush your teeth you'll be fine. You also probably snore or sleep with your mouth gaping open which makes the taste worse.

Not everything is a ghost or specter attacking you.
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