the magic og dragons

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the magic og dragons
Post # 1
Magical Properties of Dragon Parts
Dragon Dung

Yes, dragons poop. It's invaluable to many wild regions for the purpose of scaring away savage beasts. If it is rubbed on the face daily, the dragon waste can cure many skin conditions. It is also an all-purpose fertilizer, allowing plants to grow quite quickly.

Dragon Teeth

Teeth of a dragon can be made into the very sharpest of weapon edges, like spearheads. These were only dwarfed recently by steel-smelting technologies.

Dragon Scales

The scales of a dragon are very hard, being capable of defending a dragon against projectiles. Scales can be made into bullet-proof armour as well as invisible ink. This ink can be produced when the scales are dissolved in sulphuric acid and dissolved even more so in pure water. This ink will only glow under magnetic conditions created by a full moon.

Dragon Claws

Dragon claws are made of the same material human hair and nails are made of, keratin, and therefore are not as strong as diamond. Although it can be used to test the relative hardness of minerals.

Dragon Feathers

Dragon feathers are the thickest kinds of feathers. They can be made into dusters or quills (especially feathers from Amiphitheres). Also, when woven together, they can be used to be protective covering.

Dragon's Blood

In small doses dragon blood can help regenerate and contribute to better health. It can be used to heal wounds as well. Dragon blood can affect the brain, especially the parts on languages.

Dragon Hide

Dragon hide, skinned off a dragon, will not lose its hardness. This part of a dragon can be made into shields, hides, and costumes. Another use that has been untested is using the hide to create a glider.

Dragon Bones

Bones of dragons are incredibly strong, yet are light in weight. They can be used to make shelters. They are also flame-resistant.

Dragon Horn

A properly hollowed out dragon horn, can produce music. This music is incomparable in its beauty. Also salamander grease mixed with horn powder can make temporary super senses for the eyes, ears, and nose.

Dragon Dust

Dragon dust is a substance that condenses from dragon breath. It can have a highly soporific effect when mixed with dragon blood. It is often used in magic and spells.

The Hong Wei Invisibility Spell

Make a powder from four freshwater pearls, dragon horn, and jade. Blend in grease from a freshly killed seven-day-old koi and rub it over the clothes and body, repeating over and over as a tune:

She zheng wang dong ? li pa!

This spell is found toward the end of the Dragon Sutra of Hong Wei. It lasts four hours.

Abramelin's Taming Spell

Cast three troy ounces of dragon dust, from a silver dish that has been thrice washed in water that has reflected a new moon, over the dragon, crying:

Iv?shsi y?duin! Enim?r taym inspelz! Boyar ug?ner gedit!

The words in this spell are hard to pronounce making this spell difficult to perform correctly. Some say that it is in a secret dragon tongue. The spell will last for three hours.

Edmund Gryphon's Cooling Spell

Take the tongue of a blind salamander that has lived thirty-one days and one night. Mix it with black alabaster, the clipped mane of a unicorn, and mortar, heating it until smoke rises. Massage the mixture over clothing by moonlight, all the while repeating these words:


The heat-resistant effect lasts for three days wearing off gradually.

Dr. Dee's Dragon Summonation

Take a hollowed out dragon horn to the high point of a hill that contains, burial mound, or old castle upon it. Turn it once about and blow three times on the horn before repeating this verse:

Dragon kin that come and go,
Come and aid me here below.
Serpents one and serpents all,
Come and heed my dragon call!

For one week dragons will protect you.
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Re: the magic og dragons
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
the Dragon kin that come and go chant thing, I remember that from when I was young. I used to chant it on the swings. I remember reading about it in dragonolgy! I have been looking for that chant for a long time!
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