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Post # 1
as my profile says, i am new to the practive of the black arts and the Left Hand path even though I have been drawn to it my whole life... I am hoping for guidance and a teacher in this... Preferably someone in the Bend, OR area of Central Oregon...
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Re: Hello
Post # 2
From what I understand The Black Arts is basically wishing bad events to happen to people you don't like. You can do that with out praising some idol. Or a rejection in common society by a majority Christan community. They made you fell unwelcome so you want to do the opposite. Again not necessary , if you don't want to be apart of a group like Christians, Catholics, ect. Don't be christian. simple .

Now for the groups.

satanism according to Anton La Vey author of the satanic bible , the satanic witch, ect was making a point that Satanism is just being human. If your pushed , push them back harder. they sometimes called themselves humanist. the book was written in 1966 during the hippie era. so it just gave them a reason to do what everyone in that time was already doing. free love ,kindness to those who deserved it. that kind of stuff. so to sum this up satanism is the opposite , yet just being a human being.

The Golden Dawn, led by Aleister Crowly was a break from a different group. I dont remember , I studied religions as a hobby when I was a teenager. Here's a link

H.P. Lovecraft , necromancers , it was said that Lovecraft wrote his books with help from demons ( spirits) but in most cases his books were only fiction. the problem was so many took his work to be real and became a religion. The Necronomicon had a story of the mad arab. a story I couldnt even finish because I nearly shit myself. But most of his work was based on ancient gods called the cthulhu. its very interesting but I would advise you not to study the black arts. What you believe is real and this is some stuff you dont want to believe in.

but if you continue and you want to witness a few things start at your local churches. you may see a person speaking in tongues which is having the spirit of Christ inside you . in other words possession. plus theirs a video , kinda like the movie the ring where you watch it an shit happens. well its kinda like that. the video is call The Greatest Screams volume 2 . they interview satanist , witches and show an exorcism. I believe that video should be banned but the young make many mistakes. it was on vhs when i watched it, im not sure if they port it to dvd.

Their's a book titled raising hell by robert masello . you'll read about how to survive hell when you get there.

Anton La Vey has a son , and he is on a social network or two. friend him and you just might learn a few things. I didnt , I've learned enough in that subject.

hope this helps , enjoy
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