My first spell

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My first spell
Post # 1
The other day after a few weeks of careful planning and reading, I created and did my first spell. It's a forgiveness spell that I used toward helping my ex to forgive me so we can move forward and become friends again (something he told me he wanted to be able to do). So here's the spell. :)

First things first you will need a lighter or yellow candle, a piece of white paper that has never been written on, and a black pen.

So here's what you do to cast the spell. On a Sunday night when the moon is waning, write on a small piece of paper the wrong doing you have done to your lover/friend. After writing down what you have done to them on the paper say the following:

"O great Universe, divine and full of light,
Soften and open (the name of the person your casting the spell for)'s heart tonight."

Then light the candle or the lighter and say the following:

"And with this flame that flickers in my hand,
Make this transgression that divides us, into the bridge that will unite us once again."

After saying this light the piece of paper on fire and repeat the incantation six more times while letting the paper burn until it has all turned to ash. When you are done saying the incantation say "so mote it be" and either bury the ashes or throw them to the wind.
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Re: My first spell
Post # 2
Looks nice! Can you share how you decided upon these correspondences (Sunday, seven repetitions of the incantation, etc.)?
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Re: My first spell
Post # 3
Well yellow is a colour of healing and also for trying to convince someone of something. And when asking for forgiveness you need to convince that person that you deserve their forgiveness in the first place, so it really helps to bolster the potency of the spell.

The waning moon phase is a day to do away with things and since you want this wrong doing to be out of the pathway that blocks you and the other person from being on good terms, it's best to do it during this time. Also Sunday is a day of healing, renewal, and truth. So with forgiveness, you're asking that the relationship be healed and that the other person be open to being in your life again and break that wall of resentment. So Sunday is the perfect day to do the spell on. As for saying the incantation seven times, well seven represents completeness in lots of cultures. So by saying the words seven times you make sure that the spell comes to completition before you send it out into the world.

Hope that helps. :)
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Re: My first spell
Post # 4
I like the idea.. cool..
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Re: My first spell
Post # 5
Lucky! I'm still not allowed to do spells nor any rituals until I really learn the craft! I'm currently reading books and writing down notes on my Book of Shadows. I will do spells/rituals until I feel I'm ready. And wow good spell! I wish you best in your journey. Blessed Be!
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