Might sound fake

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Might sound fake
Post # 1
I know this might sound fake but can anyone explain this?

Every once in awhile when I focus on something it can happen but its like things that can't happen (Not magically anyway)

1:If I focus on hot oil it will start to burn and either start over heating and splashing everywhere or it will burn down to nothing
2: If its already kinda windy outside and its hot outside then if I think about it cooling down the wind picks up and starts blowing(A bit like its tornado season)
3: I had a friend who was about to kill herself and I started thinking about all the good times we had and how great her life could get if she lived and now her life is getting better then ever (Despite that its been bad for months)

It works when I think of normal everyday stuff (Even if I don't mean to do any of it) like if I'm about to call someone who I haven't spoke to in awhile then they call me but this weird stuff started happening like 3 days ago

The worst part is that I'm scared that if I think about something bad that they might get hurt or something
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Re: Might sound fake
By: / Novice
Post # 2
strong psychic abilities perhaps. you can project thoughts. but certain things could be written off.

the hot oil was already hot, you staring at it was just killing time while you waited for it to get hot enough to cook with.

the wind i use to do when i was a kid on hot days. but as you said, it's already windy so it might be your imagination, or it was going to be a strong gust anyway.

your friend, you could have subconsciously cast a spell on her, protection or luck maybe. but you didn't do it properly so your luck went to her.

if i were you i'd work on meditation. you have strong casting abilities, or possibly psychic ones, you need to keep them in check. but you could be making this all up, still, same advise to you, work on control.
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Re: Might sound fake
Post # 3
Thanks for the info and as I've also got to say that as long as I've been here (Which as been a very long time before becoming a member) you've been one of my favorite people because you seem to know so much on everything and you're always so helpful with everyone's problems
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Re: Might sound fake
By: / Novice
Post # 4
^_^ thank you
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Re: Might sound fake
Post # 5
The first person is right,any the first thing you listed sounds like pyrokenisis(sorry if i spelled it wrong).
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