Ritual of What?

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Ritual of What?
Post # 1
My friends and I were exploring some old buildings near where we live and we found a way into one that was boarded up. When we went upstairs, we found a room with two candles, red and green, sitting in the center, and some white paint that was around them, about a quarter of a circle. I can't really give much more information besides that it's an old alcohol rehab center in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, a little ways from my home(Far enough that I'm not worried about people knowing the town name). Does anyone have any input on this? I'm not quite sure what I'm interested in hearing, but whatever.
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Re: Ritual of What?
Post # 2
Well colored candles could mean anything depending on who made it and I'm not sure what you mean by a "quarter of a circle" but my guess would be it's not a ritual but an alter. In rehab centers some patients might look to spiritual work to help them through what might be a tough time for them.

However, if the paint is still clear and the color of the candles is still vibrant enough the alter might be newer or was created by someone who wondered into the building after it was closed.

If I were you and very curious I'd keep visiting at about the same time of day on the same day of the week as to possibly anyone who might still be going out there (safety purposes) and see if anything changes about the alter. If you happen to run into whoever is responsible for the alter, I suppose you could always ask.
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Re: Ritual of What?
Post # 3
To me, this sounds more like an altar rather than a ritual. Though perhaps it could be the last of a ritual that someone didn't bother to clean up. I would recommend you leave the candles be though; incase it is for someone to practice in the privacy of an abandoned center, or if it is their sacred space, etc.

As Fredek said, coloured candles could mean almost anything depending on the creator. Everyone has their own interpretation as to what each colour symbolizes. However, typically, green indicates balance of emotions, luck, abundance, prosperity, growth and healing. It also seems to help to establish calmness.

Red tends to give people the idea of power, vitality, strength, passion and love matters- as well as several other strong emotions. Perhaps, since you mentioned it previously was an alcohol rehab center, that this could include addiction?

As also mentioned above, many addicts took this time in rehabilitation to pray, or look to spiritual work in order to aid them in this tough time. The candles and paint could possibly be the remains of such.

I would take a look and see if the paint is clean, fresh and new, there's little dust, etc. This suggests recent activity within that area, as if someone is still using it. If so, and if you still remain curious, perhaps you should visit now and again to monitor any changes or sign of happenstance.
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