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Evil Neighbour
Post # 1
Hi all new to the site wounder if some one can help us please me and my girlfriend are being tortured by the upstairs neighbour door slamming loud music stamping around on wood flooring for hours on end day after day she is totally evil person iv ever met, been through all the legal channels with no joy so found this site as a last resort, is there a easy spell we can use to try and stop her from doing this as its making us ill with stress,Many Thanks Benx
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Re: Evil Neighbour
Post # 2
You could just ask them to keep it down.
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Re: Evil Neighbour
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Just get over it, and file a complaint with the Land Lord
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Re: Evil Neighbour
Post # 4
You could try looking up a 'Move Away' spell. A woman I have reason to dislike rented a house across the road from me, which I found to be more than a coincidence. My daughter said I'm sick of her living there can't you do something to get her to move away. I researched 'Move Away' spells and found one that resounded with me. It involved a bottle full of vinegar her photo and date of birth (I can't quite remember the exact details) and something about throwing it into moving water on a waning moon. I had the bottle all ready to go and then i started deliberating about karma etc. and as yet i haven't tossed it into the sea which would be easy as it is just a stones throw away. However I'm on a roll at the moment with positive outcomes from my magic so I might just do it. I wouldn't expect an instantaneous response though, moving is a slow process. Google moving away spells and if you find one that you gravitate towards and you don't feel that you would get a bad karmic return, just do it.
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