Herbal craft sachets

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Herbal craft sachets

Herbal craft sachets
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I would love to share with you how to make lovely herbal sachets. I grow many plants in door and outdoors and have got many ideas how to use it. Lavander and Camomile are best to use as stuffing. You can make very easy your own home made herbal cute sachets as a small gifts for your family and dear friends.Herbal sachet is a small bag filled with dry fragrant herbs. You can place them in a closet,drawer to scent your clothes, I usually tuck it into pillow and bedding. Lavander and camomile sachets are natural pleasant sleeping aids. If you are suffering from sleepless nights,then ( for better results :-) ) make your own sachets ( if you can't sew sachets,purchase from the local store) .

1. Select fabric you like,but I do prefer to select cotton or linen loose material.
2. Select the shape and size for your sachet and use imagination,but mainly it's comes in rectangle shape ( once I did in heart shape- it's beatiful)
3. Cut 2 identical shapes,stitch 2 parts together and leave top of the sachet open for stuffing ( if you can sew it by hand or by machine).

The important part is that you can add more value to the sachet....You can make lovely embroidery and any ornaments you like. Even I stitched Runes for protection,Sigils. Nice ornament can be used as a moon or sun and will decorate sachet well :-)

4. I use different colors of fabric to sew sachets, if it's for Lavander- sachet is lilac color,for Camomile is yellow, Rose pitals is pink or red, Lemon grass is light green,Mint is dark green.
5. Be sure that your herbs are dry well !!
6. Now we are ready to stuff it and if you like, you can put on the top of herbs any desired small stone,quartz( be sure,if you are using sachet as sleep aid,use calming stone accordingly )

Please take extra caution if you have allergic reaction to any herbs.

Hope it's usefull and you will enjoy to have herbal sachets at home, Blessed be
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Re: Herbal craft sachets
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I like felt and leather to bind them
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Re: Herbal craft sachets
Post # 3
I love sewing so I like to make my own. I once made one from a wedding bouquet and gave it to the couple as a Christmas gift. It wasn't magic since they are Christian, but I did add a cinnamon stick and some rose oil. I also used material that matched their bedroom and tied with a ribbon so it would look nice.
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Re: Herbal craft sachets
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Cinnamon stick..good idea! How did you mix oil? Or you just add few drops on the top of petals?
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Re: Herbal craft sachets
Post # 5
Yeah just a few drops on top, and not all together so it didn't get messy.
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