I just don't understand

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I just don't understand

I just don't understand
Post # 1
I just don't understand how all this keeps happening everytime I think about it

I was thinking about how I have no money and the next day someone just gave me $15

I was thinking about the rain going away and the next thing that happened was it became blindingly bright outside and stopped raining instantly (I made a post about the first time this happened but this time I wasn't even trying)

I was thinking about how there is always bugs in my room during summer but there hasn't been any for over a month and that night there was on the ceiling

I was thinking that the reason the spider on the ceiling wasn't running or moving was because it was stuck there (I had to use a vacuum cleaner to get it because I couldn't reach the ceiling because its shockingly high) and it wouldn't get sucked in it or even fall off and even the air pressure should have scared it or something it just wouldn't move and it was stuck and took hours to get it

I just can't explain all these weird things and do not understand why this all happen the same day or sometimes instantly after thinking about it
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Re: I just don't understand
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I just don't understand
Post # 3
I've heard of something like that(well acually read about it) sometimes things like that happen with people if the focus on it.
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Re: I just don't understand
Post # 4
But I didn't focus on it so it was more like if you have a song stuck in your head so just just hear it all day so its there but you didn't focus on it as much as you're just thinking about it in the moment so the thought leaves
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