I'm confused

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I'm confused
Post # 1
Basically in new to this site I really do believe in magic and want to be able to do so but what I'm thinking is what if it doesn't work how will I know it's real ?
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 2
As long as u keep the techniques in mind you will see changes. It is how powerful the spell was when it was made that will influence how drastic the change was
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 3
To get magick to work,you need consentration and belife that the spell you're casting will work.
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 4
you must test your magic to confirm it
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Re: I'm confused
By: / Novice
Post # 5
it's hard to say really. you need to believe. i have a friend who doesn't cast because she doesn't believe in it. myself, i'm rather logical, i've seen results for every spell i've ever cast in one form or another, but i have my suspicions, so i typically stick with potions and brews because they rely on herbs and i know the magical and medicinal qualities.

before you can cast, you must learn to charge and ground. visualize energy entering your body, most people do this while meditating, but you can dance, sing, drum, whatever, as long as you can feel the energy then it's working. once you're done your spell, you must ground the extra energy or else it builds up and you won't feel well because of it. typically, i tap the ground with my hands [front and back] but i have a friend who stomps his foot [first time he did that scared us all because we were meditating lol] point is, you need to visualize/feel the energy left over leaving your body and returning back to the earth.

once you've gotten the hang of that, you can cast. be sure to cast spells you need, not spells you feel like casting for fun, you're bored, or want to test your skills. to start, let's say you cast a spell to help your grades on an upcoming test. be sure to study, because spells WILL NOT work unless you do something productive to help them along. keep in mind, you won't get an A+ or anything, but you may see like a 10-20% increase on the test.
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Re: I'm confused
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

No one can prove to you that magic is real. You have to believe in magic on your own. I suggest you learn to meditate. Meditation is the cornerstone of magical practice. As you meditate you will become aware. This awareness will allow you to; feel energy, connect your body, mind, and spirit, and become connected to the world/universe around you. This is also were you will learn to gather and redirect energy. Once you take the time to do this you may believe that magic is real or you may come to realize this is all bull. Either way at least you tried and have some experiences to base your thoughts on.

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