Creating your own Spells

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Creating your own Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello everybody!
I see many people, saying: "Why doesn't this spell work?!", or: "How do I make spells?". Now, it is important to know that spells are very personal. A spell is made for a specific purpose, and in the creating process, the feelings, personal experiences and energy of the creator will be put in the spell. So, you might understand that the spells on this site will not always work. I suggest copying a spell, and then edit it yourself, or (the best option, I think) create an entirely new one, which isn't as hard as people think...

I don't know how it's written in the english version of the bible, cause I only read it in dutch, latin and greek, but it says that God created the human race as a copy of himself. So, shouldn't we be able to create and shape things then (for the christians among us)? That's quite funny, eh? Now, I don't want to continue with this subject, so I'll go on.

Creating spells, is the same as drawing, the same as writing a story, with one exception: it's not true, if you'd ask most people. You have to connect to the universe, and you'll know that it works fine!

Also, keep in mind that something is what you think it is, which makes the world around us quite weird sometimes. If you know this, that little sentence, you've got the key to change things. The world is, what you think it is.

And after those stories, we came to the subject of creating. There are various ways to create a spell, which is actually nothing more than a way to show that we know the truth about life. You can visualise, think, draw or any other way you see fit. You're the creator. Mostly, people use ingredients for their spells, so they've got a feeling that they have to do something in order to make the spell happen, which makes it easier for them to believe.

I hope this helped you, and blessed be.
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Elizbetha Says......
Post # 2
I really enjoyed this. It helped me alot. Thanks for your help, It was helpful. I have a question. How do you post your chat on the public Chat?
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Re: Creating your own Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I'm glad it helped you! But, if it's right, there should be public chatter right of the page (haven't done that for a long time, I'm using the mobile version). There's also a coven chatter. Blessings
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Re: Creating your own Spells
Post # 4
so what you're saying is, if we want a spell to work (or be created even), all we have to do is want it to?
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Re: Creating your own Spells
Post # 5
the 1st steps are meditation and belief. Emotions both good (love/relationship/protection type spells) or hatred (revenge type spells) are extremely strong within us and these emotions can communicate with the universe and make things happen if we so desire strong enough. This is also why not all written spells will work for everyone and others cannot always cast a spell on the behalf of someone. The strongest and most surest way for a spell to work is for the one desiring the outcome the most create and cast the spell.
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Re: Creating your own Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Indeed; your will is a tool. You can shape the world. Think about this: you are thinking about someone you didn't see for a long time. A few minutes later; you met him/her! Your subcounscious is still thinking on, and so bringing your wish to you. That's how sigil magic works, and all other sorts. Make yoi wish clear to your subcounscious, who'll tell the universe to fullfil it.
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