college friend help spell

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college friend help spell
Post # 1
Hello everyone, i just need some help on a spell. i don't know of one i can do or how to do it.

you see my friend and i are heading off to two different colleges around 100 miles away, well this is what i need, something that will make our friendship even stronger, because he tends to drift away from time to time. I need something that can help him keep in touch with me, or want to keep in touch with me. something that will give him the urge to visit me or want me to visit him, he tends to always have a very busy schedual. i dont want college to split us apart, i really dont want to loose him. please help

if you can suggest one that would be great, along with how to do it, but please keep it simple, maybe wording with no supplies riquired, i do have a pic of him and i and something that he touched once,and i have lavender, vinella, dragons blood, and sandalwood incense, but thats about it. but the simple the spell the better, thnx
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Re: college friend help spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i see what you mean, just remember if it's not meant to be it, it's not meant to be. so no matter how many spells you try it'll eventually come crumbling down. i do understand what you mean, i've moved a lot and have lost touch with many close friends. however, when i do meet up with some of them again, everythings normal, and nothing's really changed in us. two good examples is my best friend and my friend who i met many years ago online. kinda funny we met on a forum site and we suck at small talk lol. he lives in england and i live in canada, we rarely speak, but we're both rather close and very in sync.

anyways, the spell. not too sure about there being a keep in touch spell, there should be, but i don't think i know of one. one that came to my mind was the Think of me Nonstop spell, but that one tends to be for someone you have a crush on, but i think it would work the same.

this all being said, why can't you talk/text/mail him? it'll become strenuous on you and he might get annoyed if you do it too much. but you can keep in touch. tell him to do the same. if you guys go a month without speaking, text him and jokingly remind him he should have texted.
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Re: college friend help spell
Post # 3
-->>let destiny plays its role..

but i might suggest a simple promise bottle spell..

a small bottle and something that do binds the two of you together.. put it in the bottle then sealed it with green string (green as for the color of the heart chakra) then promise each other that no matter what you two will still keep in touch together (i recommend both parties here so as to no taking away of someone's freewill) then burrow it somewhere (be sure it won't be dig up by someone)..

i hope this might help even a little.. ;)

you know, if you really are friends, no matter what happens you will still be friends.. i do know that your friendship will be its bridge for your communication.. and as what whiterav3en have said to me when i do have problem with my friend, all people have purpose in our lives but some will come to an end (not because you two are finished with each other) but because his/her purpose is done but yes, sometimes some do have lifetime purpose in our lives and when someone goes out, someone will sure to come in.. just be open to possibilities.. ;)

namaste.. ;)
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Re: college friend help spell
Post # 4
The easiest method is simply webcam chat . Ask for his skype or MSN . Simple solution that does not need any magick whatsoever :)
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