Need help!:/

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Need help!:/

Need help!:/
Post # 1
Hey my name is caleb. Im just now starting to get into magic and spells and stuff and i was wantin to see if there's anyone willing to mentor me or teach me or at least give me some info about learning my specific element and learning how to gather energy to form energy balls and elemental balls and stuff like that. My main problem when i try is that i find it difficult to concentrate and fully visualize.

I would also like to see if anyone could tell me about the astral projection and what it's like. It seems very interesting to me although i do realize i would need far more experience before i could go there at will. I heard it was like when you dream, but if that's the case then can you only stay there for a couple minutes before you return to your body? Can you choose where you want to go and what you want to do? Like can i ride dragons there or sword fight back in the middle ages? And i find that my dreams can be a bit blurry so it that how a conscious astral projection is too? Does it feel like your in an actual dream the whole time or does it feel more real? I want to learn all this so i know im Not wasting my time trying to learn it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)
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Re: Need help!:/
Post # 2
Some people think that your element is based on your zodiac sign so look up the sodiac signs,by the way there is a sun zodiac and a moon zodiac go here to find your moon sign

your sun sign is the one you most likely know from the reguler calander becase the calanders most people use are soler,anywasy some people can relat to two elements,your sun and moon signs should help you find out what your sign(s)is go here to get more infermation about how to tell what element(s) you relat to the most.
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Re: Need help!:/
Post # 3
There is not just one way of Astral projection so there will always be some conflicting views on what its like. There is the possablilty to astral project while dreaming because your 3rd eye can be more active when sleeping. However dreaming is not always astral projecting. So you are not bound to doing only in your sleep. Astral projection can be done fully awake and even while multytasking (although it does make it more difficult)But normal some will set time aside to meditate and clear the mind to astral project.

You can choose where you go and what you do. Its like having a second body. Although keep in mind you are not the only entity on the astral plane so some action could have consequences. Just be smart about. If you see a group of spirits dont create a astral sword and start swinging at them. That would most likly make them mad.

Dragons do exist astral as do many other mythical creatures.

If you really wanted you could sword fight with your astral body and with an astral weapon. However id suggest you dont do that against spirits instead creat thought forms (meaning somthing you created with your mind.)

As to how it feels it depends on how open ones 3rd eye is and how much they attune themselves with there astral body and the astral world.

Agian there is not just one way of Astral projection and not just one view of what the astral world is.
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