Revenge spell

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Revenge spell
Post # 1

Here is a list of the supplies you need

a black human figure candle or black chinaware human figure
(gender-specific, according to the sex of your enemy)
a packet of dried blackberry leaves
a piece of black cloth
a length of black thread
a hammer
a shovel or trowel to dig a hole

I like to do this spell under a full moon and I also invoke the Dark Goddess Hecate to help me with my magical work especially when it's revenge or destruction spells. Name the figural candle or statue with
the name of your enemy by carving the enemy's name in the
wax or writing it on the chinaware with a marker. Wrap the
candle or statuette all over with the dried spiny leaves of
blackberry vines. Lay this mess on the piece of black cloth,
wrap it up, and tie the bundle closed with black thread.

Next you want to tell the person what it is
you want to send back to them in your most hateful, angry voice and then hit the packet 3
times with a hammer. Hit it really hard feeling all your hateful energy going in to the packet.

Each day for 7 days tell the figure what you want to send
back to him or her and hit the packet 3 hammer blows. By
the end of the 7 days, it should be pretty well pulverized.
When you are finished, take the bundle outdoors preferably a cemetery, dig a deep hole, throw the packet in,
and cover it up. Walk away and don't look back.

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Re: Revenge spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You should know that doing any spells for a negative effect will just come back to hurt you in the end. Revenge is not something that anyone should want to do.
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Re: Revenge spell
Post # 3
Ah, I just started Wicca so I'm still learning. How does it come back to you?
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Re: Revenge spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You should credit the source though, well I'do that for You this time :, herbal magick catalogue, Blackberry leafs
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Re: Revenge spell
Post # 5
Thank you for showing me one way of going about that type of spell
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Re: Revenge spell
By: / Novice
Post # 6
@ Elizabeth, it's karma. some people don't believe in it, but whatever you want to call it, you need to be careful what you wished for. magic has no colour, nothing with magic is that black and white. in my opinion it's good to classify in colours when you're starting out, but there isn't any colours, and it's a bad habit to do.

taking this spell for example, let's say you cast it on a girl who you don't like. you're casting it without any reason beyond 'i wanna see you suffer' or 'i wonder if this will work' or something like that. this would result in the spell to backfire, because you're just getting revenge on someone. maybe the spell does work and you don't get the curses effects attacking you, but you might feel other negative effects. say you get food poisoning one day, even though your friends had the same thing, or you loose something close to you, a friend is mad for no reason. it could be little things lover a long time, or it could be one big thing.

you should think before casting any spell. a health spell for a friend, while you are helping, maybe that friend doesn't believe in magic, and they get really mad at you for casting. perhaps they never find out, but for some reason they're grouchy around you. love spells are particularly sticky. you want a guy, so you cast a spell to bring love into your life, no harm. you cast a spell on a person at school to love you, this is when you have issues. you are toying with a persons free will, maybe you two weren't destined to fall in love, maybe he, or in fact yourself, was to bump into someone that day you cast who was your 'true love' but you cast this spell, so you walk home with them and miss the person you were meant to be with. one day, you may look at him and realize, he doesn't love you, it's all the result of this spell. love spells tend to dish out guilt more than broken bones.

anyway, to the post at hand, i've seen this before on other sites, and similar spells here as well. i like how you wrote this in the first person when it's clearly not your spell.

i know of other spells involving similar ingredients but these two are the exact same spell, found on mojo [as listed in an above post] and here on SoM. not that i've tried this spell, but it's rather easy to find if you type 'blackberry leaves' into either sites search engine. you shouldn't post a potentially powerful curse on the forums for anyone to find. granted people looking for it will find it either way, but for newcomers who want to try something, you shouldn't have it posted on the forums.
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Re: Revenge spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
So good points,Heroshima! It's a big responsibility to place such topic here. It's seem to me that author is still revenging and spreading aggression
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