extracting ectoplasm

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extracting ectoplasm
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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find a quite time to sit and relax, light your candle, the best sort is one that leaves drips down the sides,but dont worry if you cant get one like this,i used a few and couldn't get them to drip
after you have lit your candle turn the lights of and just sit and relax in front of the candle allow the flame to burn for a few minutes so it can build its energy up, bear in mind to get this to work is down to intent.
when the flame is ready and you are relaxed you should see a small band around the candle your eyes may look like their slightly out focused, thats the ectoplasm gently pull it from each side of the candle,be careful not to pull the flame or you will burn your fingers,you should see it stretch now play lol,now try and pull the flame up with your fingers.
you can also ask the candle questions like a pendulum, gentle say to yourself ok raise the flame for a yes answer and lower it for a no answer.
now if you have a candle that drips look in to the melted wax and look for things like faces, flowers, or if your lucky a shape of an angel, the questions you ask can determine the pics you see,
it has been reported that some people have been able to talk to the flame and see a lilly form so look out for these signs as your talking

i had to share this as its amazing, top tip lol if like me ladies who wear false nails ,dont get your nails to close to the flame,my fingers still hurt x
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