Weird Dream Please Help

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Weird Dream Please Help
Post # 1
I just had the weirdest dream. I need an interpretation. I just had it like 15 minutes ago so it is fresh in my mind. I feels SOOOO IMPORTANT. Ok so I am walking down the street with Lex Luthor (micheal rosenbaum) and we see a car without a driver (this feels important) then lex goes back to help someone in trouble then I hear an explosion and come out of my best friends house that I in place of mine. And I see (don't mean to sound racist hear) a black guy near a tree that is getting struck by lightning over and over. This is the apex of the dream. This part feels more important that the rest. I know it is weird and usually I would just write it off as such but it feels sooooooo important. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Weird Dream Please Help
Post # 2
Sorry I meant "is in place of mine." I just woke up and am tired lol.
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Re: Weird Dream Please Help
Post # 3
If you look in the lunar calendar, the dreams of the day sleeping indicate untapped potential. more tragedies in the dream, the more you shut down and can not be changed. if we interpret the dream symbols, they mean loneliness and troubles that come from men. you need to pay attention to your personal life and partnerships
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Re: Weird Dream Please Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Right since the car or house represent your own life seems like you are out of control over it .It is almost if you refuse to take responsability what is happening with it and just let it flow aimlessly .Explosion will sugest lost of emotional control and supressed anger that has been released suddenly .My bet is that will come from your friend or may came out of you as my second choice .
As for the lightening it is relatd with sudden change .In shamanistic cultures sometimes being struck of lightening means spiritual initiation and developing insight .I do not know tho what is the role of the guy .Seems like there will be some irrevirsable change ,caused by forces which has gone out of control and which may be destructive in nature .Something really big is coming your way and you are totaly oblivious about it ,because you have taken back seat in the control of your life .By you i mean your mind i do not refer to your subconscious ,it obviouslly has detected something awkward moving toward you and that is why it send you this messages along with the feeling that is important .If you have so strong feeling during the dream that it is important you should not ignore it lightly .Think of it as silennce before very big storm .If i was you i will look very carefully on what i have lost control in my life and to who am i trusting .Also you can try to cralify the situation further by using some sort of divination .You can use Tarot cards for example as easiest option.
Keep in mind people think that initiation always come in plesant way like when you are sitting in meditation and voila you are enlightened .Very often realization of your own real nature and the world come to you as being stuck by lightening .It is some sort of violent awakening of very deep and somehow endless dream .All this symbols are wake up call for you ,your subconscious is preparing you mentaly for what is about to come so you can go throught it much more easy that you would if it came out of blue .
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Re: Weird Dream Please Help
Post # 5
Everything you said made sense. Thanks!!!
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