*guide to a trance state*

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> *guide to a trance state*

*guide to a trance state*
Post # 1
creating a trance state is a neccesity to be able to astral project so im gonna post what has helped me and give a more of a layout of exactly what to expect

something you should know before entering into a deep trance is that you are more susceptible to spirits, demons, and other related entities and that you could be physiclly attacked any thought of fear you should either adress them as either normal or that its your instincts telling you your in trouble if so exit the trance by focusing on your body and imagining your physical self jumping back into your vision.

1: clear your thoughts do not think about anything just simply FOCUS to what you see in front of you it will help you clear your mind soon your vision will get a bit misty this is normal

2: calm your nervous system and control your breathing from inhale to hold to exhale some people usually use a count of seconds I perfer not to because it could break you out of focus instead just inhale, hold your breath and exhale in the same amount of comfort that keeps you feeling like you cant feel your body.

3: the hard part once you dont really feel your body anymore your want to litterly summon the feeling of free falling this may take some time and even sometimes it will happen by itself ive noticed if you lay down its easier to get into a deep trance state but harder to get out of one i perfer to sit up straight for it is easier to get out of a trance state but harder to get into one. a good hint is to MEMORIZE the feeling try going down in a elevator or diving into a pool of water and memorize the feeling of simply free falling the point of this is getting your brain wave activity to change into the awake level to the almost asleep level kinda like the feeling of losing conciousness right before you goto sleep.

**things that will let you know your in a trance state**
it differs how deep the trance is the deeper the better but more dangerous once you practice it will be easier and less harmfull you shouldn't be disturbed while in a trance state especially a deep one it can be very painfull turn off your phones and make sure your area is cleared.
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