Dreams problem.

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Dreams problem.
Post # 1
I had 3 dreams showing me about the dead corpses rising.
1st-It happened before or after when i picked that Fool card.
2nd-It happened during the stars incident.
3rd-I passed out during my concentration on AP.

The 1st dream showed that i had to fight against people which i saw blood on them.They were grayish,wore clothes like fashion and weren`t really friendly.They`re like stones.No replies were from them,they immediately attack my friends and i.

The 2nd dream was me alone fighting against them.It was like a weird incident happening in this country(Resident evil real life?)

The 3rd dream was my bro..he was waving at me when these zombie-like people attacked him.I was running to my brother WHEN a group of these weird people came out with weapons.These things,they fought with some stances.One of them,a woman was carrying a katana and me was dodging every one of her attacks.
I had nothing but to hit-and-run on her.

There`s more dream that added these dreams of mine.

1.Why the hell i`m loading a shotgun and wearing a full body armor?
2.A dream of me being train by a group of random people?
3.I`m in army uniform?
4.A lighting that grew larger and larger?

I do appreciate it if you can help.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 2
These dreamS i had were really weakeaning me.I have some scracthes on my body and i`m thinking that it wasn`t AP.I think that i was somehow using time..its really bizzare.
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Re: Dreams problem.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I've been dreaming on zombies since my brother and I marathoned Dawn/Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days/Weeks Later... As someone told me lately, when you hear hoofbeats-- think horses, not zebras.

So, if you haven't been playing Resident Evil lately, what do undead things mean to you? Fatigue, mindlessness, or maybe more the 'transformation' aspect of zombies?

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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 4
Mef, I really don't mean to be rude.. but you seem to post (in the past) and talk a lot about dreams trying to find some significance in them..

Sometimes dreams are just dreams, man. In fact, a LOT of the time they are. Even when you have a significant dream, 95% of the time it merely deals with INTERNAL conflict and such... not the future, not the past.

Otherwise everyone would be mutant alien zombie sex gods in the past, future and alternate plane with millions of dollars and the power to control others minds. Which plainly isn't true. Just because you may not have the typical dreams (being rich, beating someone you dont like into a pulp, x rated stuff, etc) doesn't mean that they are significant.

Recently I had a dream where I was sitting in my dad's old house from when he was still here, with my mom, and we were still a family. I was looking at a power strip and it caught fire for no reason and I was just like "Haha look at that" and the fire behaved like fire from a stove when you blew on it. It makes no sense but it doesn't mean anything other than I miss my family being... a family.

So sometimes dreams are just.. DREAMS.. Please realize this. A war dream could mean anything from internal conflict to fear and confusion regarding your surroundings... raising the dead could symbolize bringing up past hurts... and this is only IF it means anything.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 5
Mef, its foretellings of what is going to happen in the future, so what ever you remember wearing, try to get or make because you will get trained by a group of people, mail me for details, and shit will hit the fan.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 6
DeathGoddess is right, dreams can just be dreams, although I know when my ones are trying to tell something, mine go very real, like I said in my other dreams, I can feel emotion, be hurt, taste, and smell, those dreams are the ones that have true meaning to me, or atleast trying to tell me something.

But dreams with meanings can't just come at you with no meaning, you must do something to envoke them, like what I did, I practicly meditated to Thoth everyday, and I had results.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 7
Can someone help me with a dream? I have been having this dream for a month now and it is really starting to bug me.

Ok, I'm running through a field surrounded by various colored drsgons. I'm not runnig from them but with them. Suddenly, they all get very aggitated. Then, a huge black dragon appears behind us and starts chasing us. Slowly, it picks offs the other dragons until the rest flee. Then, as I am running as fast as I possibly could, it picks me up and carries me to a cave.

I always jolt awake at this point and would love to know what exactly this dream is telling me.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 8
My god, for the 5th time::::

All dreams have a meaning. U have to figure out yourself what that means to you.
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Re: Dreams problem.
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
It means you're watching too many films.
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Re: Dreams problem.
Post # 10
I was going to say "how to train your dragon"!
it could also mean theres something you need to work out in your subconscious...I wouldn't worry too much...if thats the worst dream you ever have then you are very blessed.
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