Sleepless nights

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Sleepless nights
Post # 1
Sleepless night remedy

This was one of my first remedies I wrote and experimented with a couple of years back in my black book, I hope it helps someone out there.


Pure honey
2-3 buds of lavender
A strainer or sivv
A kettle
2 cups
Water (obviously)


1) Take your buds of lavender and wash them under the tap.

2) Boil your kettle.

3) Add the lavender buds into one of the cups and fill with
approx' 1/2 -3/4 of water to the cup and allow to sit for 30 seconds. Still it until you can smell the scent of the flower strongly.

4) Strain the lavender from the cup as you're pouring it into the next cup (sivv recommended).

5) Add a few teaspoons of pure honey to your remedy and stir it well.

6) Sweet dreams.
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Re: Sleepless nights
Post # 2
Do you have any quick and easy remedies that help you get to sleep faster? i have this problem where i can't fall asleep until half an hour to an hour+ after i get into bed. Thanks
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Re: Sleepless nights
Post # 3
The most simple and harmless sleeping pill - is wet socks before going to sleep in the water, which added a little vinegar, then wring out and put them on their feet. On top put on another pair of dry socks and go to bed. This helps drain the blood from the upper to the lower part of the body, but also reduces fever in inflammation. This procedure can be done daily. It is only necessary as soon as you wake up, take off socks.
This procedure is especially useful for those who spends all day on their feet. Wet socks can help reduce fatigue, decrease the amount of fat in the upper part of the body, remove the accumulated gases.
Check for magic damage. The person that made this damage, lost night's sleep. At night, he turns, spins, and can not sleep. But the day of his intolerable pulls sleep. If the damage is what you need to do spells and incantations.
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Re: Sleepless nights
Post # 4
Another way is to take a teaspoon of baldrian root (with no top) in a cup of hot water and let it sit for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. It is essential not no mix in too much of the root since excessive consumption of baldrian can result in strong headache.
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Re: Sleepless nights
Post # 5
I have a breathing technique that will induce the first state of sleeping, I taught it to my ex suprisingly, I must have been in a good mood. Mail me if you still want it, right now I have to go see my psychiatrist.

Darkest blessings,

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Re: Sleepless nights
Post # 6 may be the things that you are doing before you go to bed that keep your mind active.
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