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Want to believe
Post # 1
Hello, I've been perusing the site as of late and decided to join. Since I was little, I've desperately wished that there was magic in the world. I wish I could just believe, but I'm a skeptic at heart. Whether or not I can use magic I don't know. Some spells here look legit, while others look like things people just came up with on the spot. I could really use some guidance on all of this, please.
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Re: Want to believe
Post # 2
If your 'not' ready to believe, then it won't work. Spells are for those who: study and can take this 'seriously'. It takes time to learn how to cast properly. This is 'not' just about spells ! There is a 'whole' world behind the veil. Msg me for more...
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Re: Want to believe
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
First off, welcome to SoM. I hope you enjoy it here and get to learn all that you wish to learn.

Magick exists in the world. It is all around you and in you. Magick, at its basis, is energy. Every one and every thing has energy in some form. Energy has no colour, but can and has been perceived as having colour. Is is merely a method of categorizing that helps to associate different uses of energy; as well as candles, herbs, etc. And because of this, magick has no colour. Magick is composed of positive and negative energies (viewed as being white and black, respectively.) When one works with both positive and negative energies evenly you are creating a ballance in the energies; this ballance, or harmony/equilibrium, is viewed as being a gray energy. Magick is neither good or bad. These are opinionized concepts created by man. Your actions involving magick are what determines the opinion of good or bad.

Being that you are just starting, I would not suggest jumping into doing spells. What I suggest is starting with what is known as the "basics." The basics may vary among beliefs, but a general list of them are:
Energy Manipulation
Moon Phases
Colour Correspondence

This is just a general list. Some may not suggest all I named; others may add more to the list.

You have the ability to do magick; every one does. It's just a matter of whether you believe you can or not. Only you can hold your self back from doing magick. No one can take away your ability to; nor can any one stop you from doing magick. There are many spells that are real, but just as many - if not, more - that are fake. There are many people who come up with fake spells or take spells from tv shows and movies and add them to the site. In all truth, any one can add a spell to the site, via coven spell book. This is done by joining a coven and becoming a leader (if the position is available, if you have been a member long enough, and if you are suitable for the position) or a council member. Some council members might add a spell for you if they review it and find it good enough to to added. Many people go to the open, leaderless coven Spell Casters simply because they are automatically made a council member and can add all the spells that they want. For other covens if you wish to be a council member, talk to the leaders (high priest and high priestess) and find out what you need to do to be made a council. Because of these facts, when searching for a spell in the site it is suggested that you apply common sense to determine what is legit and what is rubbish. Keep in mind that some spells, even though they are legit, may work for others, but may not work for you. That does not mean they are fake, though. The most common, yet very true, suggestion that people are told is to write your own spells. This is to ensure that your specific intent and your specific energies are put into the spell and its making. Spells that you write your self are stronger than those spells made by others. You could, if you want, take an already working spell and rewrite it to fit your specific intent and, as well, putting your energy into it. Also remember that when casting it is your energy and intent that determines the strength of the spell. Your, state of mind, and your emotions all play a part in how strong and effective a spell you cast will be. For example: if you are sick and casting a spell, your energy will be low and, thus, your spell will be weak or it may not even work; if you are healthy you will have more energy to put into the spell to make it stronger and more likely to work; if you are trying to do a love spell, but you're rather angry, your emotion of anger will cause the spell to more than likely not work.

If you wish to join a coven, you should first determine what all you want to learn. When you have that determined look through the Groups portion of the site (located at the top of the page. The tab is between Fortune and Forums) and look through the list of covens. View each coven page and see what each coven has to offer in teachings. You may also want to talk to the council members and the leaders about what the coven teaches and about how active the members are. You may not want to join a coven that has little activity going on. It also might help to look at the members' profiles to see when they last logged in. Some covens have requirements that must be met before you can possibly be accepted as a member. These requirements should be listed some where on the coven page. When you find the coven that you want to join and have met the requirements (if any) click on the apply link in the coven page.
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Re: Want to believe
Post # 4
Magic - the art, science and practice, which causes changes and controls the events according to the nature of intention. To make the magic work properly, a witch or sorcerer must be in complete harmony with the laws of nature and the soul. This is very important to master the magic of knowledge, mental concentration, healthy body and mind, and the ability to take responsibility for his actions.

The energy charge of the magic is all around us in exactly the same as the inside of us. This is an invisible thread, similar to electricity or electromagnetism, except that it is linked to every creature in the universe. When we focus our intention on the event that we want to realize, often this is enough to affect the energy to create the desired changes and events that allow goals to materialize.
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