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Post # 1
So im sure you all know that begginers with magick try to find a right path to follow or magic to practice but some times it can be difficult to find a path that you agree with so i think we should have a test to find out what there personalty matches with this way they could have more help in finding there path and if they dont agree then at least there was help still given. :)
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Re: Test
By: / Novice
Post # 2
a personality test to determine faith? i see your thought process but i find it flawed. like the job application tests i [and many] took in high school, it can determine what would be best, but a person might hate it. one of my top jobs was child care worker for my loving nature and always having to plan things, HOWEVER i [and i can't stress this enough] hate children. they're loud and sticky and break things, so a whole group under my watch would not end well, let me tell you.

i think a basic test would work, but only to help narrow things down a little. after that it's up to trying and researching paths.
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Re: Test
Post # 3
Try reading the tarot, the alignment is called the horoscope.

Method 1: All the cards are shuffled, laid out around 12 cards that correspond with the 12 houses of horoscope. The order of the layout can be any choice of the first house and a map to you. Maps of the Major Arcana show the most important areas. For more information (transcript) on them can be laid out in 2 card yet Minor Arcana.
Method 2: Minor Arcana cards are separated and are arranged in a circle of 12 houses, 7 cards of the Major Arcana are arranged liaison with the planets, such as the seven-pointed Star of the Magi.
Method 3. For each house laid out two cards - one Ca and one Ma

1 - The general character of the personality, lifestyle, personal motives in the field of (intangible), self-esteem.
2 - Financial status, finances, income, and moral values and rules of behavior handed down from his home.
3 - Relationship with next of kin, contact with other people.
4 - The situation in the family, the inner essence, and a general feeling of stability in life.
5 - How to spend your free time, more extensive contacts with people, flirting, extramarital affairs, relationships with children.
6 - Health and Work, the correlation of domestic and professional life.
7 - A man in relationships, in marriage, society, companionship.
8 - The subconscious mind, that affects a person without his knowledge, hidden phenomenon.
9 - education, travel, intellectual sphere, worldview.
10 - Social status and career, life aspirations, plans and aspirations, career development, the manner in which a person is perceived by others.
11 - Friendship, method and type of assistance to others.
12 - Sensitivity, talents and abilities, karmic issues destiny.
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