Favorite spells?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Favorite spells?

Favorite spells?
Post # 1
I'd like to know some of your favorite spells, so could you post one, or a link to one? preferably weight loss, and love spells. thanks! much obliged. :)
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Re: Favorite spells?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Favorite spells?
Post # 3
The mirror ritual for weight loss.
You will need: Full-length mirror, a candle for each of the colors white (spirit) - for the strength of spirit, green (earth) - healing, yellow (water) - happiness, red (fire) - the force of will, blue (water) - to reflect the negative, with a black cup or pot, 5 small sheets of white paper, black marker, 1 teaspoon of each herb, sage (ground) - healing, lavender (air) - happiness, Rosemary (fire) - willpower Thyme (water) - a reflection of the negative, elderberry flowers (spirit) - to strengthen the forces of the spirit, the decoration that you can carry with them during the diet, resistant to high temperatures.
Place the ornament in a cup or pot. Assemble everything you need in a room where you spend the ritual, extinguish the lights and light the candles, but not those that are needed for the ritual. Put a mirror and draw a pentagram in front of him. Arrange in the corners of the candle in the top corner right in front of a mirror - white, in the left beam - green, in the right beam - blue in the lower left - yellow, and the bottom right - red. Place the bowl in the center of the pentagram, grass, paper and marker. The pentagram should be large enough so that you can stand in the middle of it. Clear off all my clothes, go to the center of the pentagram. Looking in the mirror and say:
- I walk into the void from which I came, I want to change and become different. Weight loss - that's what I want, give me strength that I need.
Then say the name of the queue for the forces that you need, write them on a sheet of paper, wrap in a sheet corresponding to the grass, and light from the candles and the appropriate place in the cup.
Healing. - Sage. - Green.
Happiness. - Lavender. - Yellow.
Willpower. - Rosemary. - Red.
The reflection of a negative. - Thyme. - Blue.
Weight loss. - Flowers elder. - White.
After this, say:
- I send my request in the mirror so I could get the best of sage - to heal the body, from the lavender - to attract good fortune, from rosemary - to strengthen my will during the diet of thyme - to link the entire film. In conclusion, I beg you to help me lose weight. So be it!
Let the convolution of herbs is completely burned, and you are looking in the mirror, imagine how your shape changes, and say nine times:
- I see myself the way I want to be in the mirror before him. I achieved what I see. So be it!
When all burn down and cool down, get a cup of jewelry that you wear during a diet and say:
- Through the mirror to the world my dream to reflect, I'll wear this thing, as a confirmation of what I want to be.
Get out of the pentagram, and extinguish the candles.
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Re: Favorite spells?
Post # 4
Please note, to carry out the rituals of healing and treatment of overweight strongly recommend that only experienced magicians
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