Easy spell to start with

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Easy spell to start with
Post # 1
What are some easy spells for an inexperienced caster like me to start with?
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Re: Easy spell to start with
Post # 2
newbie just for the sake of experimentation is not necessary to conjure. You must be a clear objective, the need for something, or something you want to improve or fix in my life.
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Re: Easy spell to start with
Post # 3

You do not cast a spell because you are a beginner and you need to develop your experience. You cast a spell when you need something, and you know that there is something in magic that can give you results for what you want. Spells are also casted for traditional days and old traditions of religions or the person.
Yes, spells are not casted for experience, but there are few spells that are more dangerous than others and would not be recommended for beginners.
Well, i do not recommend curses and death spells because it can be extremely dangerous and karma is another thing you might need to learn about before casting a spell.

Here are few things you might need to do before starting casting spells, no matter what the reason is:

1.At this time you should also be learning to Meditate.... mastering the clearing of the mind of all unwanted thoughts. If you cannot meditate then you will never be able to do Magic with any real success. Concentration is very important when doing Spells and Magic..... for if you cannot concentrate on the Magic you are working.... how do you expect it to work? If you do not already know how to meditate.... I will be making a page on it soon. But for not, just sit and try to clear your mind of all thoughts and have total peace of mind.... it is not as easy as you think.

2. You now need to know "How and why Spells work" and why sometimes they don't. There are many things that come into play when doing Spells and Magic. Most of you young people think that you can just pick up a Magical book and read some words and the Spell will work. Sorry, but this is not going to happen. This comes from your watching to much TV and movies.

3.You might now want to decide what type of magic to study. There is "High Magic" and "Witchcraft" (low magic). Both contain many sub forms of Magic and the list goes on. Choose that which you think is best for you.... there is no right or wrong one to choose.

4. You will definitely need to learn some form of Protection. What I mean is that you need to be protected when doing Magic. Protected from what? Well you can certainty attract bad spirits around you if you do not have protection and if you do not know what you are doing. You can learn may different rituals and you can even wear an amulet such as the right side up "Pentagram". learning to cast a simple circle is recommended for your beginning studies as well.

5. Once you have mastered most of this information..... then it will be time to try your first "Spell". I suggest that you start with something very simple... such as a "Money spell" or a "Good Luck spell" or perhaps a "Protection spell" .

*Stay away from the Black Magic until you have a couple years of practice and knowledge.... for you will only hurt yourself if it backfires on you!*

Good luck!

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