negative spirit banishing

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negative spirit banishing
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
What are some good banishing rituals to perform when getting rid of unwanted spirits? Some spirits are causing negative influences on me, what is the best way to banish them for good?

Is using the New Moon for a banishing ritual the best time?

Also, feel free to tell me your experiences with negative entities and how you managed to get rid of them.

Thanks for your answers and blessed be!
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Re: negative spirit banishing
Post # 2
Try establishing a connection with these negative forces and try to communicate to them that you want them to stop, and to leave. If that doesn't work, you can shield, and then perform one of the various banishing rituals depending on the path you follow. Or maybe a banishing ritual that you have made.

The new moon could be a good time, yes. However, it is better on a waning moon, or a full moon.
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Re: negative spirit banishing
Post # 3
The ritual exorcism must be performed only by the owner at home. To do this, just after midnight (on the moon decreasing) the landlord has to clean wash their hands and walk through all the rooms at home in a clockwise direction. At the same time on each step of the owner of the house should be over his right shoulder in throwing back the black bean. In going home to pronounce the plot (at least 9 times).

"This is a throw, buying himself and his."

During the process, in any case can not look back, no matter what was happening behind his back.

At the end of the event should be 9 times with a loud and powerful voice to say:
"The spirit, I command you to leave this place.

Next you need to fumigate the house with juniper, which is necessary to ignite a fire, throw in a dry juniper.
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Re: negative spirit banishing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to General Info from Covens.
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