How i gain energy

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How i gain energy
Post # 1
OK i was trying to make a psi ball when i realized a way to gain energy.
I just closed my eyes and imagined energy coming in to my body and i felt a strange sensation in my center a sensation i cant really explain like tingly or like my body may have become lighter it was like i was getting faster or stronger
i was thinking this might work for other people so try it and comment i want to know if it worked for you
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Re: How i gain energy
Post # 2
It's true, remember what ever your thoughts are trying to accomplish can actually happen. In my younger years I tried to separate my spirit from my body and I nearly fainted. Then while " meditating" I thought of trying to feel emptiness. When I succeeded I was able to learn how everything was connected from the grass to the metal on the bus stop. What science call atoms , religions call energy. When I came to it was the scariest feeling I have ever endured. It had to have lasted less than a second but it felt much longer. And gave me knowledge which I remember today.
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Re: How i gain energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This is actually a very basic method that is taught/learned as one begins with practices like energy manipulation, visualization, grounding, and centering. This is a rather useful and effective method for gaining energy. It can also be adapted into many other methods for the same ,or similar, results. The matter that you figured this out on your own with no prior knowledge of it (or at least I infer you have no prior knowledge of it based upon your post) is rather impressive. You should take that ability to figure things out like that and push your self further. Figure out what you can do. It's a nice way to learn things. But keep in mind that there may be things that can turn out badly, but that's life. It also happens to apply to practicing what you have done plenty of research on aforehand. Don't let that get you down. As I said, it's life. There are ups and downs. There are also times where things may not appear to be working or happening, give it time. Maybe you would need to try things multiple times; for, not every thing will be achieved in the first attempt. Many things just simply take practice to get done right. Just work hard.
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