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Random Idea
Post # 1
I want to put this idea that's been bugging me a while now. I ask that you read with an open-mind.

Random number generators are known to be affected by the human right next to it. A person can chose a number and affect what the machine picks. A mere machine of chance is forced to accept what the person wants. Sounds similar? If not here's something more connected with reality.

Quantum Physics is famous for not making sense. The reason is because all of it is made by chance. Particles appearing two places at once, information traveling faster than light, and etc. All these things simply don't fit with the normal physics that we are all so used to. I know as a fact I don't appear at two places at once. The main formulas that physicist use to explain quantum physics is by waves and chance. Is it possible that magick is linked here? That humans are affecting the universe to do what we will with quantum physics? Just an idea to place to mind. (would explain the old saying, "You can only do the things you already can do.")

So what do you think?
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Re: Random Idea
Post # 2
Well one part you didn't mention is that quantum physicks only apply when no one is watching. Yes it is odd that human interaction plays such a big part. Magic... I think not. But mabe we acidently affect things we don't mean to.
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Re: Random Idea
Post # 3
Everything has a result to it. It's like an old quote, "You can't escape your destiny, but you can change it" or something or other.
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Re: Random Idea
Post # 4
shake your hand in front of you as fast as you can. you have one hand yet it appears to be in more than one place at the same time. so one may yet be in more than one place at the same time , unless time itself slows down to nano seconds where their can only be one "print" at one time. in sort , speed time up there can be more than one of you ( a print ) . slow time down and eventually only one will exist.
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Re: Random Idea
Post # 5
Silvershade- Thanks for mentioning that, but if I remember correctly that is only the case with light particles. Not other sub-atomic particles. Not sure though, I'll look things up again.

unirelivent- I agree with that quote :P.

N.K.D- Umm, that has to do more with the chemicals in your eye than time traveling... Learn a bit about how the eye works... Here are some sites to help.
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