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Favorite spell
Post # 1
What is your favorite spell you've done? What about your first? The worst? Or how about "the spell you wished worked but didn't" here you can post about any expeiriance you had with your spells :)
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Re: Favorite spell
Post # 2
My first and favorite ritual is the LBRP. I've experienced New Aeon varients like the Nu ritual or the Star Ruby, but I really just prefer good old classic Hermeticism (I blame it on my 5th house being almost nothing but Capricorn).

I can't think of a "worst" spell or ritual I've ever done since I've been blessed to have never had a spell backfire or go awry. I credit this to the fact that I am cautious, conservative in my casting, and I divine before ritual almost to the point of compulsion. I fully expect something to go hideously wrong some day, and I hope to the heavens that I'm ready to clean up that mess when it arrives.

This is also why I won't touch goetia or enochian with a ten foot pole. Some day I'm sure I'll practice with both, but I really, really do not want one of those to be my first "whoops."

I've also had a few spells that failed and I was disappointed, but it wouldn't really be accurate to say I wished they worked. I am painfully aware of the fact that, for all my studies, I am a biased, short-sighted, mortal nitwit. If a spell doesn't work and I can't find anything wrong with the formula or my casting, I assume it was denied to me for a greater good, and probably my own good as well. I place my trust in the divine parents of the God and Goddess, and that Allah knows best - however good an idea I may have thought it was, I may very well have been terribly wrong.

The most recent example of this I can recall was a failed attempt to get into a full language class last semester. I was horribly, terribly disappointed very nearly to the point of crying. It has turned out for the better though - my illness flared up so I might not have even been able to finish the semester, and I discovered that I'm moving across state in a few months, which totally would have interrupted and screwed up my study. As different schools use different systems for teaching, transitioning part-way through learning a difficult language would have been a terrible experience and I may have ended up needing to start over in this new system anyway.

I was disappointing at the time, but I am grateful that the Divine protected me from circumstances I could not have possible foreseen.
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Re: Favorite spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
My first ever spell was without any knowledge about any of these.. it was vampire spell chanting "blood red palce skin moonlight draw me in ....."
haha, i was afraid it will work, yet nothing happend. well. obviously. it was a few good years away back then i didnt know anything about magick or how it works.

the worst spell i have done was one i created, i should have chosen my words more carefully when aksing for something , it worked but made it completly not as what i wished for..

my favorite spell? I dont have a favorite.. i do what i like, thats all.

uhm.. spell that didnt work? well.. now when i have more knowldge and experience about the whole thing my spells do work, but.. the "vampire spell" i've mentioned before, did not
that's all basically.:P

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Re: Favorite spell
Post # 4
ok.. my favorite spell is a variation of the LBRP but in a luciferian manner.. the "lesser encircling rite of the luciferian" and the "nirang-i aharman adar sama" (an invocation to ahriman)..

my first spell, lol but it was a rain spell.. i don't know if it's actually about the spell but it really rained.. hahahah!!

my worst? i don't actually treat this as my worst but it really do sucks.. i did a love spell and it is very powerful to the point i can't imagine.. the thing is i made it in a manner that my partner is the one who will dominate our relationship.. to tell you the truth, this really gave me a hard time dealing with my partner because of being a bossy type.. but i am proud anyway that i did such spell.. lol..

the spell i wished that worked but didn't? lol.. a lottery spell.. hahahahah!! i'm just trying about the circumstances.. who knows.. i might be a millionaire someday.. lol..
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Re: Favorite spell
Post # 5
My first spell was a Mermaid one. Lol it didn't work of course so I got a little disappointed but I decided to do something easier to start with. Good luck spells. I tried one once and the very next day I found my favorite outfit in the back of my closet. I decided to try another one a couple weeks later. And a couple days after I had kind of forgotten about it I got a big A+ on my history test and usually I stink at history. It was a mirracle! lol :)
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Re: Favorite spell
Post # 6
My first spell was a banishing negativity spell, and it worked very well. I'd been having an awful year full of tragedy and the spell helped me to let go of the negative and look forward to positive outcomes.

My favorite spell is a confidence boosting spell that I use very frequently (I'm an actor so I always feel the need to have more confidence).

My worst spell was a love based spell, it brought too much attention in too quick a period of time.

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Re: Favorite spell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
don't cast very much myself. my first spell was a candle spell for wealth, but the candle was burning really slow, so i snuffed it and left.

favourite, i have a luck spell i like doing because it works amazingly, but the one i use most is a soar throat tea.

i think the only spell that didn't work in some way was my first spell. all other wield results to some degree. i cast a love spell for my mom, but she didn't want a romantic love, but a male friend to go out with for fun. i cast a jar spell and 2 weeks later a good friend of the family invited her to a concert with him, now then hang every week.
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