Crystal Divination

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Crystal Divination
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Blue Lace Agate ? calms, assists inner attunement; receptive energy; Water

Botswana Agate ? inner knowledge

Moss Agate ? grounds, calms, centres; receptive energy; Earth

Amazonite ? soothes heart and throat, brings clarity, truth and trust, dispels negativity, general health and well-being; receptive energy; Earth

Amber ? calms and soothes, opens and cleanses chakras, cleanses space of negativity; projective; Fire

Amethyst ? doorway to higher mind, promotes inner calm and peace, initiates wisdom and understanding, communicates directly with the soul; receptive; Water

Angelite ? soft, peaceful, and calming, enhances healing Apache Tear ? aids in removal of limits, soothes grief, provides insight and acceptance at times of death; projective; Fire

Aquamarine ? promotes inner power, tranquillity and peace; receptive; Water

Aventurine ? heals heart, physical healing, clears emotional stress; projective; Air

Bloodstone ? intense healing stone, purifies blood, soothes cuts and bruises, restores vitality; projective; Fire

Bronzite - grounding and courage

Carnelian - strength, courage, abundance; projective; Fire

Chrysoprase ? astral travel, connects heart and third eye, headaches; receptive; Earth

Citrine ? comforting, energizing, manifestation, builds up aura, clearing; projective; Fire

Flourite ? centres the mind, connects to the soul realms; projective

Garnet ? strength, courage; projective; Fire

Hematite ? grounding, removes negativity; projective; Fire

Howlite ? dream recall

Jade ? protection, wisdom, shielding, luck; receptive; Water

Picasso jasper ? versatility, grace

Red jasper ? intensifier, strength; projective; Fire

Lapis lazuli ? wisdom, understanding, charisma; receptive; Water

Lepidolite ? calming, centring, cleanses emotions, natural lithium; receptive; Water

Malachite ? heals the heart, brings true love; receptive; Earth

Moonstone ? intuition, fertility; receptive; Water

Snowflake obsidian ? letting go, meditation, intuition; projective; Fire

Onyx - centres, aligns, wise decisions, happiness; projective; Fire

Prehnite ? visualizations, dreams, prophecy

Quartz crystal ? transmits energy, charges and intensifies; projective and receptive; Fire and Water

Rhodochrosite ? bridges higher and lower; projective; Fire

Rose quartz ? opens heart chakra, develops love; receptive

Rutilated quartz ? intensifies energy, channels healing; projective

Sapphire ? authority, wisdom, knowledge; receptive; Water

Smoky quartz ? cleanses, grounds, protects; projective

Sodalite ? intuition, cleansing, health; receptive; Water

Sugilite ? connects heart and third eye; receptive; Water

Sunstone ? creativity, success; projective; Fire

Blue tiger?s eye ? peace, calm, develop personal boundaries gently

Gold tiger?s eye ? personal power, balances spiritual and physical; projective; Fire

Topaz ? communication between heart and head

Tourmaline ? protects, grounds, deflects negativity; receptive; Earth

Turquoise ? astral travel, opens communication, joins love and wisdom, headaches; receptive; Earth

Unakite ? visions

Zebra stone ? intensifies energy
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Re: Crystal Divination
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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