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Astral Projection
Post # 1
I've tried all of the astral projection methods and nothing works for me. How come!
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 2
Your trying too hard. Relax and let it happen naturally, it will happen when you least expect it !
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Re: Astral Projection
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Do you have any fear when you try to project?
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 4

Here are few fears that might be disturbing you while trying to astral project.

1. Returning to the physical body

Many people refuse to experience a projection because they feel they will be stuck outside their bodies. This is the most baseless fear anybody can have about astral projection. In reality, you ought to worry about being unable to remain out of your body.

Moreover, everybody leaves their physical bodies in their dreams, and they always return. If you leave your body consciously, as in astral projection, you are sure to return.

In short, you will have no choice but to return after an astral travel.

2. Possession

People are afraid that an unfriendly entity will enter their body in their absence. Now, this cannot happen because you have a protective "Silver Cord" that connects your physical and astral bodies.

Your Silver Cord is capable of stretching to infinity without breaking. It enables communication between your physical and astral bodies. The moment something disturbs your body, you will get the message and be back in a jiffy!

3. Negative entities

People are terrified of meeting demons or other unfriendly entities during their travels.

That you will meet all sorts of entities during your travels cannot be denied. However, all these apparitions are products of your own thoughts and imaginations. For example, if you are an ardent believer in the Devil, chances are that you will meet him during your astral travels. If you don't believe in the Devil, you will never meet him.

Whatever you beliefs, no monster or demon can hurt you because they are your creations. You only have to will them to go away or morph into something pleasant; so, quit worrying about them.

4. Insanity

Some people believe astral projection is a sure sign of madness.

An out-of-the-body (OOBE) experience doesn't mean you have gone crazy. You can have a zillion OOBEs and still lead a psychologically normal life.

There is only one word of warning with regard to astral projection. Psychologically disturbed people are advised not to project. For such people, dream therapy can be of great assistance. Everybody, except psychologically disturbed people, can safely practice astral projection.

You will find that astral projection can actually benefit you in myriad ways. Instead of getting possessed or going insane or dying or meeting demons, you will find yourself getting spiritually stronger, saner, and happier. Aren't these the best reasons to banish baseless fears and consider astral projection as a tool for self-development and spiritual growth, which it truly is?

I recommend you to watch out for those fears.
And make shure no one is in the room while you are trying to astral project, it might be disturbing you very much.


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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 5
I'm having problem with projecting too so this was very helpful Lev, thanks!
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 6
1- I've been trying to astral project and I'm not scared or anything but it's not working. Is astral projecting imagining that your out of your body cause I don't think it is as I have no cord and I can still move my physical body and always come back to it as my imagination is huge but won't allow me to astral project so what could I do
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 7
So am I. I got interested in OBE lately so I started it, and it somehow worked, so I tried to travel the astral world but then I would go back to my body. You can try relaxing and think about going outside your body with your vision.
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