What does this mean?

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What does this mean?
Post # 1
If you remember my last topic you'll remember that I wanted to know if what that guy was saying was true. He saw that and now says this:

Young man, there is no action of yours that the gods never shown or you were thinking that it was a joke that your picture is with them. Listen I can see you seeking advice from people and also they are giving you both good and bad once. Do not count all av said in time past as a threat but be assured that they are things that will happen when ever I stop the renewer or the spell. You made me do a very powerful spell for you when you meet with me and now you were going about saying odd things about the gods and not me. The ball is in your court. If you like you let people mislead you and allow calamity befall you. But I know only one thing that he who will certainly regret will not escape it no matter what he may be doing. You may be thinking that the consequences of your action may be sudden but believe it will be gradual. Seek more advice and lets see if you can escape the wrath of the gods. Am nt a man that do spell because of fund let dat ring in you memory.
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 2
He's an idiot and a hack trying to bully money out of you. Tell him to cram it and then ignore him.
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 3
why are spell caster like this now? Don't even know what to say but guys try give him sold advice cos am confused her. The man may mean what he is saying just like what a spell caster did to one of my pals by telling him what he will be facing if he refuse to pay him. Believe me that this friend of my pay the price with his parent and also paid him some money before he was freed. Guy just try and get good advice from other pals.
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Re: What does this mean?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
i agree with Chiron tell the guy to take his spell and shove it he lying to get money
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